Epic European Cycle : 2015-09-08 : Rest/recovery day in Ogulin

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Bed and Breakfast Bed and Breakfast Victoria Booking.com Ogulin $420.00 7 Nights, incl breakfast

Fantastic staff! The proprietor, his wife, and their staff were all amazingly nice and helpful. We stayed for several days - we were waiting out some rain, and my husband was sick. Everyone was incredibly nice and helpful.

The room was very small, but certainly functional. We were comfortable enough.

Trip Log

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Brent and I are seriously running out of patience for sitting in our tiny room doing Sudoku and watching the Kuna Bin.
The room we're staying in is tiny. And when I say tiny, I mean... well... tiny. The toilet is half broken and the television is nearly kaput, which normally wouldn't be an issue, but when you're sick, you really need your Kuna Bin! The folks who run this place are completely fantastic, though. The staff are so nice and helpful, and the owners are amazing. Between the husband trying to heal Brent with Slivovica, and the wife feeding us crepes and apple pie, we feel like members of the family. Members of the family with the teeniest room in the house.