Epic European Cycle : 2015-09-07 : Rest/recovery day in Ogulin

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Bed and Breakfast Bed and Breakfast Victoria Booking.com Ogulin $420.00 7 Nights, incl breakfast

Fantastic staff! The proprietor, his wife, and their staff were all amazingly nice and helpful. We stayed for several days - we were waiting out some rain, and my husband was sick. Everyone was incredibly nice and helpful.

The room was very small, but certainly functional. We were comfortable enough.

Trip Log

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Brent has told me before about ORT - Oral Rehydration Therapy. When he was hiking in Africa, they didn't have anything like Gatorade. Everyone had ORT, which you mix in water and drink, like Gatorade, but instead of evil koolade, ORT has the taste and consistency of spit. So, you're drinking spit. But your brain knows it's not YOUR spit, so it interprets it as SOMEONE ELSE'S SPIT! Gross! When we took him to the doctor yesterday, they recommended some kind of hydration therapy. Today we went to the pharmacy to get that, and some probiotics for him. And guess what... the hydration therapy is ORT. Brent has offered to let me try some, but I've declined. I shouldn't be laughing about it because someday my turn will come, I'm sure, but I'm so happy it's not me drinking SOMEONE ELSE'S SPIT.