Epic European Cycle : 2015-09-09 : Rest/recovery day in Ogulin

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Bed and Breakfast Bed and Breakfast Victoria Booking.com Ogulin $420.00 7 Nights, incl breakfast

Fantastic staff! The proprietor, his wife, and their staff were all amazingly nice and helpful. We stayed for several days - we were waiting out some rain, and my husband was sick. Everyone was incredibly nice and helpful.

The room was very small, but certainly functional. We were comfortable enough.

Trip Log

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Today Brent was finally feeling well enough to try eating normally, and going for a bit of a bike ride. We took a ride out to the local Campingplatz (a small patch of fenced green outside of town... very inferior compared to the Belavici place), then into town. We had a look at the canyon - Ogulin sits on top of an enormous cave system - and the Frankopan Kastle. We walked around town, through the street market (where I bought a pair of sweatpants to replace my old yoga pants, which are falling apart and give me hives), and then had a pancake at Hotel Frankopan. This area, or maybe all of Croatia, specializes in "pancakes", which we would call crepes, with yummy fillings. Yum! Brent is holding up ok, but tomorrow we're going to stop in to see the doctor again before we leave town as some of his symptoms aren't easing off as much as we think they should.
An interesting thing about Croatia - whenever you order a coffee, it always comes with an accompanying glass of water. I'm not sure why, but it's nice.