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2015-04-30 : Preparation and Notes
Important links that we may need throughout the trip.
Tip Accommodation Resource Cycle B&B

vrienden op de fiets
From Bob at NorQuest: There's a special B&B organisation that caters for cyclists: vrienden op de fiets (friends on the bicycle). In their booklet you'll find 3600 addresses where you are welcome for a bed and breakfast for a maximum of euro 19 per person. $0.00
Tip General Info Bicycle Germany
Tip General Info Cycle Route Planner
Tip General Info Eurovelo

Cycle Routes
Get Eurovelo maps at local tourist offices. Maps available for sale are rated as useless. $0.00
Tip General Info Waymarked Trails

Cycle Routes
Tip Handy Global ATM Alliance

Withdrawals without extra fees
$0.00 0 0
Tip Handy Phoning 1
$0.00 0 0
Tip Handy Phoning 2
$0.00 0 0
Tip Handy Phoning 3
$0.00 0 0
Tip Handy Phoning 4
$0.00 0 0
Tip Handy Rome 2 Rio

How to get from A to B. GREAT web site.
Tip Handy Travel Insurance
$0.00 0 0
Tip Travel Resource Bahn/Eurail

Train (Germany)
You can take a bike on some trains in Europe, but it does depend on the type of train. For example, it’s usually not possible to take your bike onto most high-speed trains, but you often can on regional trains. To find out if you can take your bike onto a particular train, check this online timetable: http://www.bahn.com/i/view/GBR/en/index.shtml. After filling in your departure and arrival station, you can select the option “carriage of bicycles required”. You will then be able to see the trains that have enough space to carry a select number of bikes. Before getting on the train with your bike, you do need to get a ticket for the bike and (if possible) book space for it on the train. $0.00
2015-05-01 : Fly to Iceland
Tip General Info Weather: Iceland Map
$0.00 0 0
Tip General Info Weather: Reykjavik 10 Day Forecast
$0.00 0 0
Travel Flight Fly Edmonton to Iceland
FI692. Dep 18:25; arr 06:40 $0.00 Edmonton Iceland
2015-05-02 : Reykjavik and Blue Lagoon
Travel Bus Bus to Reykjavik
$0.00 Airport Reykjavik
Activity Tour Blue Lagoon
Accommodation Hostel Reykjavik City Hostel
2 nights. $99.40/night $0.00 Reykjavik, Iceland
2015-05-03 : Golden Circle Tour
Activity Tour Golden Circle
Accommodation Hostel
Reykjavik City Hostel
2015-05-04 : Fly to Paris
Tip General Info Bikes on SNCF
$0.00 0 0
Tip General Info Cultural Norms

Don't be an asshole in France
$0.00 0 0
Tip General Info Eurovelo France Map
$0.00 0 0
Tip General Info Public Holidays in France
$0.00 0 0
Tip General Info RER Bikes on Trains
$0.00 0 0
Tip General Info RER Map
$0.00 0 0
Tip General Info Ted's suggestions
- Catacombs (get in line 1.5 to 2 hrs before opening well worth it)
- Visit l’arc du triomphe instead of Eiffel (if set on Eiffel – book tickets online 7-10 days before visit or wait 3-4 hrs in a queue)
- Visit Musee D-Orsay not the Louvre. Amazing work showcased (lots of impressionists), not as busy, and museum building is a conversation itself.
- Walk the Seine – From Notre Dame to Eiffel
$0.00 0 0
Tip General Info Weather: France Map
$0.00 0 0
Tip General Info Weather: Paris 10 Day Forecast
$0.00 0 0
Travel Bus Bus to Keflavik Airport
$0.00 Reykjavik City Hostel Keflavik Airport
Travel Flight Fly Iceland to Paris
FI542. Dep 7:40, arr 12:55 $0.00 Iceland Paris
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast Maguy Merran
2 nights. $106/night.

"Great transport service, with two metro lines and three bus stops within 5 minutes walk, connecting you to many places in Paris: Metro line 9 to the Champs-Élysées and the Trocadéro. Metro line 8 to Opéra shopping district and to Place de la Concorde. Bus 76 to the Louvre, the modern art museum and exhibition centre Centre George Pompidou, and the trendy Marais district. Bus 86 to Saint-Germain-des-Près, fashionable Rive Gauche district. Bus 56 to Place de la République, train stations Gare du Nord and Gare de l'Est. Easy and affordable access to and from both Roissy-Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports via train or bus. If you are coming from Beauvais airport into Paris via Porte Maillot, the apartment is a 30 minutes metro ride away. Easy and quick access to the four main railway stations of Paris: Gare du Nord (Eurostar), Gare de Lyon, Gare d'Austerlitz and Gare de l'Est, by metro or bus."
$0.00 Paris, France
2015-05-05 : Paris - Taking Care of Business
Straighten out our visa issue and get set up with a phone
Tip Reminder Get a phone
Send phone number to:
Stephens clan
Tip To Do Canadian Embassy

We need visas to spend six months in Europe. Visit the Canadian Embassy at 35 Avenue Montaigne, 75008 Paris, France
$0.00 0 0
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast
Maguy Merran
2015-05-06 : Ride through Paris
Activity Cycle Across Paris to Pierre's
Day 0: 8km: Total 8km $0.00 0 8.00 8.00
Accommodation Pension
2015-05-07 : Day in Paris
Activity Sight See Eiffel Tower
Activity Sight See Sacre Coeur
$0.00 0
Accommodation Couch Surf Pierre
$0.00 Paris 0
2015-05-08 : Ride to Chartres
Travel Train Get us to Chartres!
$32.00 Verriere Chartres
Activity Cycle Paris to Chartres
Day 1: 43km: Total 51km $0.00 43.00 51.00
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast Peggy in Chartres
2 nights. $54/night.
Really nice place and Peggy is a great host. She's extremely well organized and provides all the information you need ahead of time. When you arrive she provides information about Chartres, and for us, including cycling information! If it weren't for Peggy we wouldn't know about La Véloscénie trip, which we have now incorporated into our trip! Thanks for everything Peggy!
$108.00 Chartres 0
2015-05-09 : Day in Chartres
Activity Sight See Chartres
$0.00 0
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast
Peggy in Chartres
2015-05-10 : La Véloscénie to Illiers-Combray
Activity Cycle La Véloscénie Chartres / Illiers-Combray
Day 2: 34km: Total 85km $0.00 0 0 34.00 85.00
Accommodation Camp Le Bois Fleuri
$24.00 Illiers-Combray 0
2015-05-11 : La Véloscénie to Nogent-le-Rotrou
Activity Cycle La Véloscénie Illiers-Combray / Thiron-Gardais
24.4km $0.00 0 0 24.40 109.40
Activity Cycle La Véloscénie Thiron-Gardais / Nogent-le-Rotrou
Day 3: 19km: Total 128.4km $0.00 19.00 128.40
Accommodation Hotel Hotel Sully
The proprietor is great! Fluent in English, very friendly and helpful. There is decent parking for bikes and we used the elevator to take our gear up to our room. $110.00 Nogent-le-Rotrou 0
2015-05-12 : La Véloscénie to Mortagne-au-Perche
Activity Cycle La Véloscénie Nogent-le-Rotrou / Rémalard
17km $0.00 0 0 0.00 128.40
Activity Cycle La Véloscénie Rémalard / Mortagne-au-Perche
Day 4: 21.1km: Total 190km $0.00 0 61.60 190.00
Accommodation Hotel Logis Hôtel Du Tribunal
$92.00 Mortagne-au-Perche 0
2015-05-13 : La Véloscénie to Alençon
Activity Cycle La Véloscénie Le Mêle-sur-Sarthe / Alençon
Day 5: 23.1km: Total 229km $0.00 39.00 229.00
Activity Cycle La Véloscénie Mortagne-au-Perche / Le Mêle-sur-Sarthe
15.4km $0.00 0 0 0.00 229.00
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast Maryline in Alençon
TERRIBLE experience! The listing promised a studio apartment with a bathroom and kitchen. The property is not in operation. She switched us to someone else's property which was a bedroom in a flop house which reeked of cat litter. I couldn't stay there because of my asthma and the cats, so they put us into the correct property, but because it wasn't in operation, it was empty, there was no hot water and no wifi. BAIT AND SWITCH - extremely awful! $70.00 Alençon 0
2015-05-14 : Rainy bike repair day in Alençon *Ascension Day
Activity Sight See Alençon
Accommodation Hotel Hotel le Normandie
$50.00 Alençon 0
2015-05-15 : La Véloscénie to Carrouges
Activity Cycle La Véloscénie Alençon / Carrouges
Day 6: 30.5km: Total 260km $0.00 0 0 31.00 260.00
Accommodation Hotel l'Hotel du Nord
$65.00 Carrouges 0
2015-05-16 : La Véloscénie to Bagnoles-de-l'Orne
Activity Cycle La Véloscénie Carrouges / Bagnoles-de-l'Orne
Day 7: 23.7km: Total 284km $0.00 0 0 24.00 284.00
Accommodation Hotel Hotel Christol
$70.00 Bagnoles de l'Orne 0
2015-05-17 : La Véloscénie to Mortain
Activity Cycle La Véloscénie Bagnoles-de-l'Orne / Domfront
21km $0.00 0 0 0.00 284.00
Activity Cycle La Véloscénie Barenton / Mortain
Day 8: 14.4km: Total 338km $0.00 54.00 338.00
Activity Cycle La Véloscénie Domfront / Barenton
17.7km $0.00 0.00 338.00
Accommodation Camp Mortain Municipal Camping
$11.00 Mortain 0
2015-05-18 : La Véloscénie to Ducey
Activity Cycle La Véloscénie Mortain / St-Hilaire-du-Harcouët
14.9km $0.00 0 0 0.00 338.00
Activity Cycle La Véloscénie St-Hilaire-du-Harcouët / Ducey
Day 9: 19km: Total 372km $0.00 34.00 372.00
Accommodation Hotel Auberge de la Sélune
$110.00 Ducey 0
2015-05-19 : La Véloscénie to Beauvoir
Activity Cycle La Véloscénie Ducey / Mont-Saint-Michel
Day 10: 32km: Total 427km $0.00 0 0 55.00 427.00
Accommodation Hotel Chambres Les Salles
Fantastic stay! We felt so welcome!
The room was small but nice and comfortable. Great bathroom with a fantastic shower. The absolute highlight, though, was the breakfast provided by Joel. In addition to some fruit, yogurt and cheese, he had wonderful homemade pastries, and homemade jams and marmalade (I particularly enjoyed the rhubarb). He is a fantastic host.
$69.00 Beauvoir 0
2015-05-20 : Visit Mt-st-Michel and stay in Pontorson
Activity Cycle Beauvoir - Pontorson - Mont St Michel - Pontorson
Day 11: 26km: Total 453km $0.00 26.00 453.00
Activity Sight See Mont St. Michel
$0.00 0 0
Accommodation Hotel Hotel Ariane
$100.00 Pontorson 0
2015-05-21 : To Nantes
Travel Train To Nantes via Rennes
$100.00 Pontorson Nantes
Accommodation Hostel Grand Hotel do Nantes
2 nights. $80/night. $190.00 Nantes 0
2015-05-22 : Day in Nantes
Activity Sight See Château des ducs de Bretagne
Activity Sight See Jardin des plantes de Nantes
Activity Sight See Le Grand Éléphant
Accommodation Hostel
Grand Hotel do Nantes
2015-05-23 : Loire à Vélo / EuroVelo 6 to Ancenis
Tip General Info Angers Weather Forecast
$0.00 0 0
Activity Cycle Dan's Eurovelo 6
$0.00 0 0 0.00 453.00
Activity Cycle EuroVelo 6
$0.00 0 0 0.00 453.00
Activity Cycle EV6 from Nantes to Ancenis
Day 12: 45km: Total 498km $0.00 0 0 45.00 498.00
Accommodation Camp Camping de l’île Mouchet
$16.00 Ancenis 0
2015-05-24 : Loire à Vélo / EuroVelo 6 to la Possonniere
Activity Cycle La Loire à Vélo Ancenis to la Possonniere
Day 13: 52km: Total 550km $0.00 0 0 52.00 550.00
Accommodation Camp Camping de la Promenade
$15.00 Montjean sur Loire 0
2015-05-25 : Loire à Vélo / EuroVelo 6 to St. Mathurin-sur-Loire *Whit Monday
Activity Cycle Loire à Vélo / EuroVelo 6 la Possonniere to St. Mathurin-sur-Loire
Day 14: 42km: Total 592km $0.00 42.00 592.00
Accommodation Camp Camping du Port
$15.00 Saint-Mathurin-sur-Loire 0
2015-05-26 : Loire à Vélo / EuroVelo 6 to Saumur
Activity Cycle Loire à Vélo / EuroVelo 6 sur-Loire to Saumur
Day 15: 35km: Total 637km $0.00 45.00 637.00
Accommodation Hotel Hôtel Anne D'Anjou
$160.00 Saumur 0
2015-05-27 : Loire à Vélo / EuroVelo 6 to Chinon
Tip General Info Tours Weather
$0.00 0 0
Activity Cycle La Loire à Vélo Saumur to Chinon
Day 16: 39km: Total 676km $0.00 0 0 39.00 676.00
Accommodation Camp Camping de l'ile Auger
$13.00 Chinon 0
2015-05-28 : Loire à Vélo / EuroVelo 6 to Savennières
Activity Cycle La Loire à Vélo from Chinon to Savennières
Day 17: 42km: Total 718km $0.00 42.00 718.00
Accommodation Camp Camping de la Confluence
$16.00 Savennières
2015-05-29 : Loire à Vélo / EuroVelo 6 to Amboise
Activity Cycle La Loire à Vélo from Savennières to Amboise
Day 18: 49km: Total 769km $0.00 51.00 769.00
Accommodation Hotel Hotel Bellevue
2 nights. $110/night. $220.00 Amboise
2015-05-30 : Rest day in Amboise
Activity Sight See Château d'Amboise
Accommodation Hotel
Hotel Bellevue
2015-05-31 : Loire à Vélo / EuroVelo 6 to Blois
Activity Cycle La Loire à Vélo from Amboise to Blois
Day 19: 45km: Total 814km $0.00 0 0 45.00 814.00
Accommodation Hotel Le Pavillon
$100.00 Blois
2015-06-01 : Loire à Vélo / EuroVelo 6 to Beaugency
Activity Cycle La Loire à Vélo from Blois to Beaugency
Day 20: 38km: Total 852km $0.00 0 0 38.00 852.00
Accommodation Camp Camping Du Val de Flux
$13.00 Beaugency
2015-06-02 : Loire à Vélo / EuroVelo 6 to Orleans
Activity Cycle La Loire à Vélo from Beaugency to Orléans
Day 21: 31km: Total 885km $0.00 33.00 885.00
Accommodation Hotel Ibis Orleans Gare
$140.00 Orleans
2015-06-03 : Transit Orleans to Strasbourg
Tip Reminder Gabi in Germany?

Gabi should be in Germany by now. Make contact.
$0.00 0 0
Travel Train SNCF to Strasbourg
$280.00 Orleans Strasbourg
Activity Cycle Paris and Strasbourg
Day 0: 16km: Total 901km
Across Paris to make station transfer and across Strasbourg to Kehl to the campground.
$0.00 16.00 901.00
Accommodation Camp Campingpark Kehl
$25.00 Kehl, Germany
2015-06-04 : Rhine Route / EV 15 to Stollhofen
Tip General Info Cultural Norms

Don't be an asshole in Germany
$0.00 0 0
Tip General Info Eurovelo Germany Map
$0.00 0 0
Tip General Info Map of Route to Frankfurt
Tip General Info Rhine Cycling

Crazy Guy on a Bike says: In 2008 I cycled from Amsterdam to Florence. You can see my blog on crazyguyonabike. Most of it was on the Rhine which has a nice dedicated cycleway most of which is paved & very scenic. Here is the Rhine Cycling route (EuroVelo
Tip General Info Weather: Frankfurt 10 Day Forecast
$0.00 0 0
Tip General Info Weather: Germany Map
$0.00 0 0
Tip Reminder Paying in Germany

Crazy Guy on a Bike says: From personal experience we know that Visa and MasterCharge credit cards are not much good in Germany. Instead, bring your debit cards and remember your PIN number. Most hotels will take credit cards, including American Express b
Activity Cycle EV 15 / Rhine Route to Stollhofen
Day 22: 55km: Total 956km $0.00 55.00 956.00
Accommodation Camp Freizeitcenter Oberrhein
$35.00 Near Stollhofen, Germany
2015-06-05 : Rhine Route / EV 15 to Rastatt
Activity Cycle EV 15 / Rhine Route to Rastatt
Day 23: 30km: Total 986km $0.00 30.00 986.00
Accommodation Hotel Hotel Engel
Really nice place and great value for the money. The room is huge! It must have been a small apartment in a previous life. $80.00 Rastatt, Germany
2015-06-06 : Rhine Route / EV 15 to Leimersheim
Activity Cycle EV 15 / Rhine Route to Leimersheim
Day 24: 60km: Total 1026km $0.00 40.00 1026.00
Accommodation Camp Random, in the swamp
2015-06-07 : Rhine Route / EV 15 to Speyer
Activity Cycle EV 15 / Rhine Route to Speyer
Day 25: 50km: Total 1076km $0.00 50.00 1076.00
Accommodation Hotel Hotel Domhof
$75.00 Speyer
2015-06-08 : Rhine Route / EV 15 to Mannheim
Activity Cycle EV 15 / Rhine Route to Mannheim
Day 26: 33km: Total 1109km $0.00 33.00 1109.00
Accommodation Hotel balladins SUPERIOR Hotel Mannheim
$170.00 Mannheim
2015-06-09 : Rhine Route / EV 15 to Guntersblum
Activity Cycle EV 15 / Rhine Route to Guntersblum
Day 27: 52km: Total 1161km $0.00 52.00 1161.00
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast Pension Zur Schlummerstube
Really great place!
This place is beautiful. It is modern but also cozy. The proprietors are wonderful.
$78.00 Guntersblum
2015-06-10 : Rhine Route / EV 15 to Mainz
Activity Cycle EV 15 / Rhine Route to Mainz
Day 28: 33km: Total 1216km: 88 Hours riding time: 13.8km/hour avg speed: Max speed 50km/hour. $0.00 55.00 1216.00
Accommodation Camp Camping Maaraue
$19.00 Maintz
2015-06-11 : Main Radweg Cycle Route to Frankfurt
Activity Cycle Main Radweg Cycle Route to Frankfurt
Day 29: 47km: Total 1264km $0.00 48.00 1264.00
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast Jessica Tyerman
2 nights. $87.50/night
Fantastic property - very comfortable and spacious. Jessica is a fantastic host. I would definitely stay here again and would definitely recommend.
$175.00 Frankfurt
2015-06-12 : Metro Chores Day in Frankfurt
Buy backpacks, do laundry, mail stuff out.
Tip Reminder To Do List

Confirm My Place Storage
Wash Bikes
Buy backpacks
Mail stuff out
Scout route from airport to train station
Leave Bikes in Storage
Service Storage Bike Storage

MyPlace in Frankfurt. See e-mail in docs.
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast
Jessica Tyerman
2015-06-13 : Bike Chores Day in Frankfurt
Wash bikes, ride the Airport-Train route to ensure it is acceptable before Laura arrives in July.
Accommodation Hotel Steigenberger Airport Hotel Frankfurt
Unterschweinstiege 16 $140.00 Frankfurt
2015-06-14 : Fly to Dublin
Tip General Info Cultural Norms

Don't be an asshole in Ireland
$0.00 0 0
Tip General Info Ireland Accommodation Search
Tip General Info Ireland Tips

General tips from Maurice.
Clones has a big hill that’s a natural amphitheatre where they hold concerts. Mitchelstown Caves. Look up newgrange. Derry – walled city. Ring of Kerry – go counter-clockwise. CIE – busses that do Ring of Kerry. Blarney Castle. Giants Causeway. Cahir – castle. Maurice can arrange camping locations in a few places in Ireland. $0.00
Tip General Info Ireland Tips

General tips from Mike
When in Dublin, stay at Trinity College.
Call Chris O'Grady. 086-170-1474
In Dublin go to Grafton St.
In Galway go to Shop St.
$0.00 0 0
Tip General Info Rent a car

Maurice says: Rent a car in Ireland. You can waste a lot of time and money on transit.
Tip General Info Ted's suggestions
- Have to do the Guinness factory tour in Dublin
- Visit Trinity University
Southern Ireland
- Ring of Kerry
- Cobh
- Kenmare
- Bunratty (visit the medieval village and spend evening in 1600 castle for medieval feast)
- Killarney
- Cork
- Dingle loop
- Cliffs of Moher – amazing!!!
$0.00 0 0
Tip General Info Weather: Dublin 10 Day Forecast
$0.00 0 0
Tip General Info Weather: Ireland Map
$0.00 0 0
Tip Travel Resource Bus Eireann

Best travel option. Purchase an "Open Road" tourist pass when we get there.
$0.00 0 0
Tip Travel Resource Bus Eireann (Ireland) network map
$0.00 0 0
Tip Travel Resource Eurail Ireland
Travel Flight Fly to Dublin
$265.00 Frankfurt Dublin
Travel Train Train to Hahn Airport
$40.00 Frankfurt Hahn
Travel Vehicle Taxi to Train Station
$40.00 Steigenberger Airport Hotel Frankfurt Hbf
Activity Sight See Dublin Castle
Suggested by Sandie Sundgaard $18.00
Accommodation Pension Trinity College
3 nights, $130/night. Incl breakfast. $390.00 Dublin
2015-06-15 : Dublin
Activity Sight See Book of Kells
Chris got us comp tickets $0.00
Activity Sight See Kilmainham Gaol
Suggestion from Sandie's AAA book $12.00
Activity Sight See Trinity College Old Library
Chris got us comp tickets. $0.00
Accommodation Pension
Trinity College
2015-06-16 : Dublin
Activity Hike Sugar Loaf
Chris and her two daughters took us out to hike Sugar Loaf this morning, then we all went for coffee at Powerscourt Estate before heading back to Dublin. So great! If you get invited on a hike with the locals, of course you say 'yes'! $0.00 0.00 0.00
Activity Sight See Grand Canal
Walked to/along the Grand Canal as suggested by Chris and her daughters. $0.00
Accommodation Pension
Trinity College
2015-06-17 : Train to Killarney
Travel Train To Killarney
Outward: 17 Jun 2015
Departing: Dublin Heuston 11:00
Arriving: Mallow 13:13

Outward: 17 Jun 2015
Departing: Mallow 13:20
Arriving: Killarney 14:16
$110.00 Dublin Heuston Killarney
Accommodation Hostel Paddy's Palace
2 nights. $60/night. Incl breakfast.
Real dumpy hostel. Poorly maintained, lumpiest bed ever. Disinterested staff.
$120.00 Killarney
2015-06-18 : Gap of Dunloe
Tip General Info Killarney National Park Map
Activity Sight See Ross Castle
Our tour of Gap of Dunloe started here $0.00
Activity Tour Gap of Dunloe Bus and Boat Tour
Accommodation Hostel
Paddy's Palace
2015-06-19 : Ring of Kerry
Activity Sight See Ring of Kerry
Accommodation Hostel Neptune's
Much nicer hostel, but room didn't have any windows to the outside (only a sky light). Wouldn't want to sleep in it in summer... would be really stuffy. $64.00 Killarney
2015-06-20 : Bus to Sligo
Travel Bus Killarney to Sligo
$90.00 Killarney Sligo
Accommodation Hostel Harbour House
2 nights. $70/night. Incl breakfast. $140.00 Sligo
2015-06-21 : Day in Sligo
Travel Bus Strandhill Return - S2 bus
$14.00 Sligo Strandhill
Accommodation Hostel
Harbour House
2015-06-22 : To Derry
Travel Bus Sligo to Derry
Sligo to Derry. Options:
480: 08:55 - 11:45
64: 11:45 - 14:20
64: 13:30 - 16:05
64: 15:00 - 17:35
$0.00 Sligo Derry
Accommodation Hostel Hostel Connect
2 nights. $105/night. Incl breakfast. $210.00 Derry
2015-06-23 : Day in Derry
Accommodation Hostel
Hostel Connect
2015-06-24 : Bus to Clones
Travel Bus Derry to Clones
7:00 33 (toward Dublin)
9:05 Arr Monaghan
11:00 U271 (toward Cavan)
11:25 Arr Clones
$0.00 Derry Clones
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast The Cuil Darach
Incl full breakfast
Fermanagh Street, Clones
E70 "tax in"
$100.00 Clones
2015-06-25 : Bus to Belfast
Travel Bus Clones to Belfast
17:10 65 Bus (toward Monaghan)
17:35 Arr Monaghan
18:00 U271 to Belfast
19:45 Arr Belfast
OR 12:56 U271 direct to Belfast
$0.00 Clones Belfast
Accommodation Hotel Madison's Hotel
$160.00 Belfast
2015-06-26 : Journey to Glasgow
Travel Bus Citylink to Glasgow
2 hour trip, direct from Cairnryan. This wasn't presented as an option by my internet search. I thought the journey would be rather wretched, but it turned out ok. $72.00 Cairnryan Glasgow
Travel Ferry Belfast to Cairnryan
Depart 7:30AM arr Cairnryan 9:52
Ref: 76381574
$0.00 Belfast Cairnryan
Travel Vehicle Taxi
$32.00 Madison's Hotel Stena Ferry Terminal
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast McLays Guest House
Incl full breakfast $120.00 Glasgow
2015-06-27 : Glasgow to Callander with Dawn
Tip General Info Britrail Flexi Pass Info
$0.00 0 0
Tip General Info Scenic Driving Routes in Scotland
Tip General Info Weather: London 10 Day Forecast
$0.00 0 0
Tip General Info Weather: UK Map
$0.00 0 0
Tip Reminder Dawn arrives Edinburgh

Lufthansa 9038 7:50 am
Tip Travel Resource BritRail Pass
Tip Travel Resource Megabus

Bus (UK)
Tip Travel Resource National Rail

Train (UK)
Travel Train To Stirling
One of four BritRail pass trips. Kind of a waste... journey would have been L8/ea. $0.00 Glasgow Stirling
Travel Vehicle Drive to Callander
Dawn's rental car $0.00
Activity Sight See Historic Scotland Explorer Passes
Admission to 78 properties, mostly castles. $120.00
Activity Sight See Stirling Castle
Accommodation Hotel The Waverley Hotel
Incl breakfast
88-94 Main Street
Booked by Dawn
$150.00 Callander
2015-06-28 : Scenic Train to Mallaig with Dawn
Travel Vehicle To Fort William
Dawn's rental car $0.00
Activity Sight See Loch Ness
Activity Sight See West Coast Railways to Mallaig
Booked by Dawn
Incl breakfast
Booking Ref: JAC337931J
Follow the A82 from Glasgow.
Whilst there is ample parking in Fort William, near the railway station, please allow at least 20 minutes for parking before your trip departs.
Boarding at: Fort William (Dep. time 10:15) Alighting at: Mallaig. Seats 20b , 20f , 19b
Boarding at: Mallaig (Dep. time 14:10) Alighting at: Fort William. Seats 17b , 18b , 18f
Accommodation Hotel Moorings Hotel
Booked by Dawn
Incl breakfast
$140.00 Fort William
2015-06-29 : Castling and Perth with Dawn
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast Dunallan Guest House
Incl breakfast $125.00 Perth
2015-06-30 : Sight-Seeing in Scotland with Dawn
Tip General Info Dawn Staying Here

139 Cowgate
Activity Other Camera Obscura
Activity Sight See St. Andrew's Castle
Activity Sight See St. Andrew's Cathedral
Activity Sight See St. Rule's Tower
Included with St. Andrew's Cathedral $0.00
Activity Tour Real Mary King's Close
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast Carolina Villalba Roldan
This person COMPLETELY SCREWED US OVER. She decided, when she hadn't heard from us by 3PM today (I e-mailed her at 7AM) that I'd "changed my mind" about staying with her and left town. I was billed two nights of the three regardless.

3 nights. $83/night
75/3 Cowgate
+44 7960 604084
$249.00 Edinburgh
Accommodation Pension
Stayed with Dawn
2015-07-01 : Edinburgh Castle with Dawn
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast
Carolina Villalba Roldan
Accommodation Hostel Stayed with Dawn
2015-07-02 : Edinburgh - Planning/Rest Day
Tip Reminder Bookings and Plans

Spend some time making the required bookings and plans around Beth's time, and to get us back to Frankfurt.
Tip Reminder Dawn Departs

Air Canada 1905 8:20 am
Activity Hike Holyrood Park
$0.00 0.00 0.00
Activity Sight See Calton Hill
Activity Sight See Salisbury Crags
Activity Sight See The Canongate Tolbooth
Meal Lunch Pancho Villa's
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast
Carolina Villalba Roldan
Accommodation Hostel Brodie's Hostel
93 High Street $72.00 Edinburgh
2015-07-03 : York
Travel Train Edinburgh to York
Journey is about 2.5 hours. Get on something that will get us to York by 2:30 for 3PM check-in. There's a train leaving Edinburgh at 12:00 that gets us to York for 2:30. $0.00 Edinburgh York
Activity Sight See York City Walls
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast Chelmsford Place Guest House
2 nights. $114/night.
85 Fulford Road, York,
CHECK IN at 3:00, per e-mail
$228.00 York
2015-07-04 : York
Activity Sight See Barley Hall
£8 for Richard, Henry and Barley $5.33
Activity Sight See Discover Henry VII
£8 for Richard, Henry and Barley $5.33
Activity Sight See Discover Richard III
£8 for Richard, Henry and Barley $5.33
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast
Chelmsford Place Guest House
2015-07-05 : Meet Beth in England
Tip General Info Air BnB: Three Out of Five Ain't Good Enough

My blog about the bad Air BnB experiences.
Tip General Info April Cottage Map
$0.00 0 0
Tip General Info Cultural Norms

Don't be an asshole in the UK
$0.00 0 0
Tip Reminder Meet Beth

Waterloo Station, South West Trains toward Weymouth. Meet Beth at 11AM-ish.
Travel Other Walk to April Cottage
When getting out of the train you pass the Village Hall and continue until you get to the Main Road. Turn right passing the Petrol station and continue walking until you see the Union Jack and the Swiss flag. That's where we are; otherwise do not hesitate to phone us. $0.00 Harman's Cross Train Stn April Cottage
Travel Train Corfe Castle to Harman's Cross
Steam train leaves Corfe Castle at 14:42, 15:22, 16:02, 16:42, 17:22. Harman's Cross is the first stop down the line (I think). $16.00 Corfe Castle Harman's Cross
Travel Train London Waterloo to Corfe Castle
11:35 South West Trains to Wareham (Weymouth train). 2hr 27min. 14 stops. Stops list in pics.
Walk to Wareham Stn (NW-bound)
40 Breezer bus to Corfe Castle (Swanage bus). 15 min, 13 stops. Stops list in pics.
2:39 Arr East St (N-bound) at Corfe Castle
$0.00 London Waterloo Stn Corfe Castle
Travel Train York to Waterloo Stn
7:55: York (Platform 6). Virgin East Coast towards London Kings Cross
10:07 Arr London King's Cross
10:14 59 bus towards Streatham HillTelford Ave, 23 min, 13 stops. List of stops in pictures.
10:37 Arr Waterloo
$0.00 York Waterloo Stn, London
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast April Cottage
Incl breakfast
Three nights. $139/night.

April Cottage is an exceptionally beautiful property. The home is beautiful, the garden is beautiful, the whole setting is beautiful. Before our arrival, Peter helped me plan our multi-legged journey to get there. He keyed in immediately to our activity preferences and offered fantastic advice for walks and destinations in the area, including lending us his great Explorer map of the area. The breakfasts he prepares are amazing - delicious, nutritious and beautifully presented. This is probably the nicest place I've ever stayed in my life.
$416.00 Harman's Cross
2015-07-06 : Corfe Castle with Beth
Activity Hike Purbeck Way to Corfe Castle
We walked a short distance of the Purbeck Way, from north of Harman's Cross to Corfe Castle, which took us along a ride and through some cows. $0.00 0.00 0.00
Activity Sight See Corfe Castle
Getting There: Swanage Railway (ie. to Corfe Castle): http://www.swanagerailway.co.uk/ $0.00
Meal Dinner Steak Pasty
Meal Other Beer
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast
April Cottage
2015-07-07 : Walk to Studland with Beth
Travel Bus Breezer 50 from Studland to Swanage
Travel Train Swanage Railway from Swanage to Harman's Cross
Activity Hike Purbeck Way to Studland
We walked from Harman's Cross to Studland, mostly on the Purbeck Way today. We short-cutted from near Ballard Down, over the hill straight to Studland, thinking that we would hit Old Harry Rocks on the second leg of our journey, from Studland to Swanage. Then Beth and I started feeling bonky and we decided to take the bus all the way back instead, so we missed Old Harry Rocks entirely. Dang. $0.00 0.00 0.00
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast
April Cottage
2015-07-08 : To Isle of Wight with Beth
Tip General Info Isle of Wight Map
$0.00 0 0
Tip General Info Ordnance Survey Maps
I bought the Isle of Wight OS Explorer map today for our time on the island. Peter (from our B&B the last few nights) had lent us his map for Purbeck and it was extremely good. These are very very good maps for travel, hiking and cycling. $0.00
Tip General Info To L&P

From Prince of Wales to L&P (3 Capitains Parade). Walk - it's about 1.5 miles.
Travel Bus Harman's Cross to Swanage
Incl in price of 50 Breezer $0.00 Harman's Cross Swanage
Travel Bus Swanage to Bournemouth
Bus Station (Stop 1) take bus 50 to Bournemouth (Bournemouth bus). 48 stops along the way. Bournemouth comes up after Lansdowne then Unisys. $30.00 Swanage Bournemouth
Travel Ferry Ferry to Isle of Wight
Return $70.00 Southampton, England East Cowes, Isle of Wight
Travel Train Bournemouth to Southampton
CrossCountry train to Southampton Central (Manchester Piccadilly train). 27 min (2 stops). Platform 2. 13:12: Arr Southampton Central $52.00 Bournemouth Southampton
Accommodation Hotel Prince of Wales
Incl breakfast
York Avenue, East Cowes
$141.00 East Cowes, UK
2015-07-09 : Cycle to Freshwater with Beth
Tip General Info Bike Rental

From Prince of Wales to Bike Rental at 1 Terminus Road, Cowes.
Walk 1 mile plus ferry. Northwest on York Ave toward Connaught Rd. Slight left onto Ferry Rd. Take the ferry across. Continue straight onto Medina Rd/National Cycle Rte. Turn right onto Birmingham Rd. Continue on High St. Turn left onto Terminus Rd. Ferry: http://www.iwight.com/Council/OtherServices/Cowes-Floating-Bridge/Cowes-Chain-Ferry $
Tip General Info Bike Rental Map
$0.00 0 0
Tip General Info Bike Reservation

There were a couple of mix-ups with the bike reservation. The reservation is for three adult bikes, an Avenir Luggage Trailer, and is from July 9th through 12th.
Tip General Info Helmet

The IoW bike rental shop provides helmets
Tip Handy Bicycle Island - Isle of Wight Cycle Map

Best cycle map (and resource) for Isle of Wight
I picked up a couple of maps for Isle of Wight in Southampton. I wasn't completely happy with either of them, but I thought that by using them together I could figure out a decent route. When we got to our bike hire place, they had a map on the wall which looked awesome to me, and showed more routes than were on my other maps. I asked the guy if they had any and he said no, and then criticized the map, saying it was hard to read.

When we made it out to Seahorses, they had this map for sale for £5, so I bought it. It is completely awesome! It shows routes that no other maps shows. It includes information about the bike-friendly buses (in case we need them). It includes information about all the bike shops and services on the island. It has turned out to be my main resource for this trip. Love it.
Tip Other Seahorses Map
$0.00 0 0
Tip Reminder Pick up rental bikes
Tip Reminder The Needles

Must see The Needles, which is the main feature of the island. It's at Alum Bay on the western side of the island
Tip Travel Resource Island Coaster

Cycle-friendly buses can carry up to six bikes each.
Activity Cycle Isle of Wight - Round the Island Route
Day 30: 30km: Total 1294km $0.00 30.00 1294.00
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast Seahorses
Incl breakfast
$180.00 https://goo.gl/maps/fTFuK
2015-07-10 : Cycle to Shanklin with Beth
Tip General Info Marlborough Map
$0.00 0 0
Tip General Info To Marlboro

From A3055 (High St), just past Victoria, turn right onto Palmerston Rd for 0.2mi. Turn right onto Queen's Rd.
Activity Cycle Isle of Wight - Round the Island Route
Day 31: 40km: Total 1334km $0.00 40.00 1334.00
Meal Dinner Dinner on the Beach
Meal Lunch Lunch Stop
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast Marlborough
16 Queens Road, Shanklin
Incl breakfast
$147.00 Shanklin, UK
2015-07-11 : Cycle to Ryde with Beth
Tip General Info Dorset Map
$0.00 0 0
Tip General Info To Dorset

From B3326, turn inland onto Monkton St for 0.1 mi. Turn right onto Melville St. for 0.1 mi. Turn left onto Dover St.
Activity Cycle Shanklin to Ryde
Day 32: 25km: Total 1359km
Seafront from Shanklin to Sandown. Sandown route north to Yaverland to hook back onto the main Coastal route. At Nettlestone, take the Ryde route to Ryde.
$0.00 25.00 1359.00
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast Dorset House
31 Dover Street, Ryde
Incl breakfast
$137.00 Ryde, UK
2015-07-12 : Cycle to East Cowes with Beth
Tip General Info To Fountain

From Bike Rental to Fountain - High Street, Cowes: They are right on top of each other. Head east on Terminus Rd toward High St. Turn left onto High St.
Travel Bus Southern Vectis
£25 for a group day pass for the three of us. $33.33 Cowes Arreton Barns
Activity Cycle Ryde to Cowes
Day 33: 15km: Total 1374km $0.00 15.00 1374.00
Activity Sight See Arreton Barns
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast Fountain Inn
High Street, Cowes
Incl breakfast
$107.00 Cowes, UK
2015-07-13 : Ventnor and Folly on Isle of Wight
Tip Reminder Beth departs

FI 451 13:00
7:15 Red Funnel Ferry for Beth.
8:30 AM–10:26 AM Southwest Trains from Southampton to Heathrow for Beth
Activity Pub Folly Inn
Activity Sight See Ventnor
Accommodation Camp Waverly Park
+44 (1983) 293452
three nights. $26/night
$78.00 East Cowes
2015-07-14 : Osborne House and Barber
Activity Sight See Osborne House
Service Other Brent's Transformation
Accommodation Camp
Waverly Park
2015-07-15 : Isle of Wight with L&P
Accommodation Camp
Waverly Park
2015-07-16 : To Heathrow Area
Travel Bus 423 Heathrow to Heathrow Lodge
This bus is free to/from Heathrow, in contrast to the Hotel Hoppa. At the airport, the only information that is readily available is for Hotel Hoppa, which costs approx £4.50/ea, for the exact same service. Ouch! Thankfully, the Heathrow Lodge had information on their web site about free busses to and from Heathrow, so when we got there, we knew to look around instead of just defaulting to Hotel Hoppa! $0.00 Heathrow The Square, Longford
Travel Bus Woking to Heathrow
$42.00 Woking Heathrow Terminal 5
Travel Ferry Ferry from Isle of Wight
Sailings every hour on the half hour. Take the 9:30 for earlier journey, the 1:30 for the later journey, or an earlier ferry to spend some time in Southampton before the later journey. $0.00 East Cowes, Isle of Wight Southampton, England
Travel Train Southampton to Heathrow
$0.00 Southampton Woking
Accommodation Hotel Heathrow Lodge
556 Old Bath Rd, longford, hillingdon $116.00 Longford
2015-07-17 : To Frankfurt
Travel Bus 213 to Heathrow
$0.00 Heathrow Lodge Heathrow Terminal 5
Travel Flight To Frankfurt
Flight: BA0902
Confirmation: 8CQKA6
Dep 7:10 Term 5, arr 09:45 FRA Term 2
$558.00 Heathrow Frankfurt
Accommodation Hotel
Hotel Savigny Frankfurt
2015-07-18 : Errand Day in Frankfurt
Tip General Info Blog View
Activity Sight See Frankfurt Gay Pride Parade
Service Other DHL - Post Office
The postal service in Germany has been privatized and is now run by DHL. A company that I love to hate. We've used them once before, and in Germany, they don't seem vile (unlike in Edmonton). Today we're going to ship home our new packs and some unused gear, and send off some Isle of Wight maps to Joanne. $80.00
Accommodation Hotel Hotel Savigny Frankfurt
Savignystr. 14-16, Westend
Near Alte Oper U station, which goes to Fischstein station
Two separate bookings. Night 1 (booking 485.415.723): $89, night 2 (booking 570753113): $60.
$149.00 Frankfurt
2015-07-19 : Train to Donaueschingen with Laura
Tip Reminder Laura arrives in Frankfurt
Travel Cycle Cycle Airport to Train - Pics
Travel Train Train
As reserved by Laura $0.00 Frankfurt Donaueschingen
Accommodation Camp Riedsee Camping
As reserved by Laura. Two nights, incl Laura $80.00 http://damdetails.com/0 0
2015-07-20 : Black Forest
Travel Train Black Forest Train
Our campsite, Riedsee, includes a ticket that can be used for any bus or train in the Black Forest. We used them today to take a tour through the Black Forest - to Offenburg and back from Donaueschingen! $0.00 Donaueschingen Offenburg
Accommodation Camp
Riedsee Camping
2015-07-21 : Danube Cycle Trail - Tuttlingen
Activity Cycle Donaueschingen To Tuttlingen
Day 34: 54km: Total 1428km $0.00 54.00 1428.00
Activity Sight See Donauequelle
The source of the Danube river. $0.00
Accommodation Camp Camping Tuttlingen
Incl Laura $8.00 Tuttlingen
2015-07-22 : Danube Cycle Trail - Hausen im Tal
Activity Cycle Tuttlingen to Hausen im Tal
Day 35: 38km: Total 1466km $0.00 38.00 1466.00
Accommodation Camp Camping Wagenburg
Incl Laura $45.00 Hausen im Tal
2015-07-23 : Danube Cycle Trail - Mengen
Activity Cycle Hausen im Tal to Mengen
Day 36: 39km: Total 1505km $0.00 39.00 1505.00
Accommodation Hotel Hotel Zum Fliegerwirt
Incl breakfast $125.00 Mengen
2015-07-24 : Danube Cycle Trail - Riedlingen
Activity Cycle Mengen to Riedlingen
Day 37: 31km: Total 1536km $0.00 31.00 1536.00
Activity Sight See Heuneburg
Activity Sight See Riedlingen
Accommodation Camp Zeltwiese Camping
Camping across the road from the farm/reception/wash facilities. $15.00 Riedlingen
2015-07-25 : Danube Cycle Trail - Ersingen
Activity Cycle Riedlingen to Ersingen
Day 38: 60km: Total 1596km $0.00 60.00 1596.00
Accommodation Camp Campingplatz Am Badesee
Camping by the river rescue office. Tent area by the river and bathroom facilities that haven't been cleaned in too long. $20.00
2015-07-26 : Danube Cycle Trail - Ulm
Activity Cycle Ersingen to Ulm
Day 39: 22km: Total 1618km $0.00 22.00 1618.00
Activity Sight See Ulm
Activity Sight See Ulm Minster
Accommodation Hotel Hotel Anker - Spanische Weinstube
2 nights, incl breakfast. $180.00 Ulm
2015-07-27 : Rest Day in Ulm
Accommodation Hotel
Hotel Anker - Spanische Weinstube
2015-07-28 : Danube Cycle Trail - Dillingen
Activity Cycle Ulm to Dillingen
Day 40: 64km: Total 1682km $0.00 64.00 1682.00
Activity Sight See Apollo-Grannus Temple
Accommodation Camp Donau Camping
$23.00 Dillingen
2015-07-29 : Danube Cycle Trail - Donauworth
Tip General Info Blog: "Miracle Gabi" Day
Activity Cycle Dillingen to Donauworth
Day 41: 42km: Total 1724km $0.00 42.00 1724.00
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast Goldener Greifen
Incl breakfast $120.00 Donauworth
2015-07-30 : Danube Cycle Trail - Neuberg
Activity Cycle Donauworth to Neuberg
Day 42: 42km: Total 1766km $0.00 42.00 1766.00
Activity Sight See Neuberg an der Donau
Accommodation Camp Campingplatz des DRC
$25.00 Neuberg
2015-07-31 : Danube Cycle Trail - Bad Gogging
Activity Cycle Neuberg to Bad Gogging
Day 43: 59km: Total 1825km $0.00 59.00 1825.00
Activity Sight See Auenzentrums Neuburg/Donau
Accommodation Camp Campingplatz Felbermühle
$26.00 Bad Gogging
2015-08-01 : Danube Cycle Trail - Bad Abbach
Activity Cycle Bad Gogging to Bad Abbach
Day 44: 36km: Total 1861km $0.00 36.00 1861.00
Accommodation Camp Campingplatz Freizeitinsel
$25.00 Bad Abbach
2015-08-02 : Danube Cycle Trail - Regensburg
Activity Cycle Bad Abbach to Regensburg
Day 45: 26km: Total 1887km $0.00 26.00 1887.00
Activity Sight See Regensburg
Activity Sight See St. Peter's Cathedral
Accommodation Camp Dunnerkeil Azur Camping
Two nights $76.00 Regensburg
2015-08-03 : Rest Day in Regensburg
Accommodation Camp
Dunnerkeil Azur Camping
2015-08-04 : Danube Cycle Trail - Straubing
Tip General Info Cultural Norms

Don't be an asshole in Austria
$0.00 0 0
Activity Cycle Regensburg to Straubing
Day 46: 55km: Total 1942km $0.00 55.00 1942.00
Accommodation Camp Campingplatz Straubing
$22.00 Straubing
2015-08-05 : Danube Cycle Trail - NeSlbach
Activity Cycle Straubing to NeSlbach
Day 47: 62km: Total 2004km $0.00 62.00 2004.00
Accommodation Camp Donautal-Camping
Incl Gabi's spot $30.00 NeSlbach
2015-08-06 : Danube Cycle Trail - Passau
Activity Cycle NeSlbach to Passau
Day 48: 38km: Total 2042km $0.00 38.00 2042.00
Activity Sight See St. Stephen's Cathedral
Accommodation Camp Zeltplatz on der Ilz
$25.00 Passau
2015-08-07 : Danube Cycle Trail - Linz
Tip General Info Weather: Austria Map
$0.00 0 0
Tip General Info Weather: Vienna 10 Day Forecast
$0.00 0 0
Travel Other Passau to Linz by boat with Wurm+Kock
$78.00 Passau Linz
Accommodation Hotel Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts
$105.00 Linz
2015-08-08 : Danube Cycle Trail - Sommerau
Activity Cycle Linz to Sommerau
Day 49: 60km: Total 2102km $0.00 60.00 2102.00
Accommodation Camp Zeltplatz Waser
2015-08-09 : Danube Cycle Trail - Melk
Activity Cycle Sommerau to Melk
Day 50: 65km: Total 2167km $0.00 65.00 2167.00
Accommodation Camp Camping Melk
2015-08-10 : Danube Cycle Trail - Krems
Activity Cycle Melk to Krems
Day 51: 42km: Total 2209km $0.00 42.00 2209.00
Activity Sight See The Wachau
Accommodation Camp Donaupark Camping
2015-08-11 : Danube Cycle Trail - Tulln
Activity Cycle Krems to Tulln
Day 52: 43km: Total 2252km $0.00 43.00 2252.00
Accommodation Camp Donaupark Camping
2015-08-12 : Danube Cycle Trail - Vienna
Activity Cycle Tulln to Wien (Vienna)
Day 53: 35km: Total 2287km $0.00 35.00 2287.00
Accommodation Hostel Youth Hostel Brigittenau
3 nights, includes breakfast $305.00
2015-08-13 : Day in Vienna
Activity Sight See Leopold Museum
Activity Sight See Schmetterling Haus
Meal Lunch When in Vienna... have Sacher Torte at:
Accommodation Hostel
Youth Hostel Brigittenau
2015-08-14 : Day in Vienna
Accommodation Hostel
Youth Hostel Brigittenau
2015-08-15 : Arrive Budapest; Meet Michelle
Tip General Info Hotel Fortuna Map 1
$0.00 0 0
Tip General Info Hotel Fortuna Map 2
$0.00 0 0
Tip General Info Michelle's plan
Michelle's Plan

I'm staying at Mercure City Centre Hotel. It is very close to Deak Ter, where all the metro lines meet (except perhaps the M4, the new line, which may or may not be actually running by the time we travel). Your hostel appears to be very close to the Nagyvarad Station, which is on the blue line (M3). You can take that metro one way towards Deak Ter, which is in the city centre, or one stop the other way to Nepliget Station, which is right next to the bus station, where we catch the bus to Kalocsa.

As for the schedule, I arrive in Budapest on August 14 with my tour and spend the night. On August 15, I move over to the Mercure hotel and check in. I haven't figured out what I'm doing that day yet, likely exploring downtown or Andrassy ut (the old part of town) or perhaps going over to the Buda side to the mineral baths there.

For our trip to Kalocsa on August 16, it looks like there are buses just about every hour or so, from the station near your hostel. I looked up the prices online and it looks like the ticket is about $12 each way.
$0.00 0 0
Tip General Info To Hotel Fortuna
Tip General Info Weather: Budapest 10 Day Forecast
$0.00 0 0
Tip General Info Weather: Hungary Map
$0.00 0 0
Tip Reminder Where/When Meet Michelle

5pm. Mercure Hotel - city centre Budapest location (address Vaci utica 20).
Travel Train Vienna to Budapest
$150.00 Wien Hbf (Central Station) Budapest
Accommodation Hostel Budapest Fortuna Hostel
Four nights, incl breakfast $0.00 Budapest, Hungary
2015-08-16 : Visit Kalocsa
Activity Sight See Kalocsa
Accommodation Hostel
Budapest Fortuna Hostel
2015-08-17 : Bites & Sights Tour
Activity Tour Bites & Sights
Accommodation Hotel
Budapest Fortuna Hostel
2015-08-18 : Bonus Day in Budapest
Tip Handy DAM Blog Link
Tip Reminder Laura and Michelle depart
Activity Other Fish Pedicure
Activity Sight See Memento Park
Incl tour in English $30.00
Accommodation Hostel
Budapest Fortuna Hostel
2015-08-19 : Train to Nagykanizsa
Travel Train Budapest to Nagykanizsa
$50.00 Budapest Nagykanizsa
Accommodation Camp Nyirfas Camping
$12.50 Negykanizsa
2015-08-20 : Čakovec
Activity Cycle Nagykanizsa to Čakovec
Day 54: 53km: Total 2340km $0.00 53.00 2340.00
Accommodation Hotel Hotel Park
Six nights, Incl breakfast $540.00 Čakovec
2015-08-21 : Dry-Out Day in Čakovec
Accommodation Hotel
Hotel Park
2015-08-22 : Međimurje
Activity Cycle Međimurje Tour 1
Day 55: 52km: Total 2392km $0.00 52.00 2392.00
Accommodation Hotel
Hotel Park
2015-08-23 : Sick day in Čakovec
Accommodation Hotel
Hotel Park
2015-08-24 : Međimurje
Activity Cycle Međimurje Tour 2
Day 56: 43km: Total 2435km $0.00 43.00 2435.00
Activity Sight See Međimurje
Accommodation Hotel
Hotel Park
2015-08-25 : Rain day in Čakovec
Activity Sight See Muzej Međimurja Čakovec
Accommodation Hotel
Hotel Park
2015-08-26 : Varaždin
Activity Cycle Cakovec to Varazdin
Day 57: 19km: Total 2454km $0.00 19.00 2454.00
Activity Sight See Muzej Vatrogastva
Fire fighting museum $0.00
Activity Sight See Špancirfest
Hair stylist, Ana, told us about this $0.00
Activity Sight See Svijet Kukaca (World of Insects)
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast Garestin Restaurant and B&B
Incl breakfast
A good, basic place to stay
Property is conveniently located. Room was small and basic. No good bicycle parking - we had to just put our bikes in an unsecured (but covered) corner of the parking lot where they were sort of in the way of staff/supplies. Breakfast was very good. The dining room is nice, with appealing consignment art on the walls, including several beautiful pieces by Ljubo Lah
$75.00 Varaždin
2015-08-27 : To Krapina
Activity Cycle Verazdin to Krapina
Day 58: 65km: Total 2519km $0.00 65.00 2519.00
Accommodation Hostel Hostel Poslon
Two nights
Loved it!
This is a fantastic little hostel. It doesn't have the "youth hostel" feel that some places have. It is quiet with more of a family feel. Marija is fantastic - she really goes above and beyond for her guests.
$70.00 Krapina
2015-08-28 : Day in Krapina
Tip Handy DAM Blog Link
Activity Sight See Neanderthal Museum
Accommodation Hostel
Hostel Poslon
2015-08-29 : To Zaprešić
Activity Cycle Krapina to Zaprešić
Day 59: 43km: Total 2562km $0.00 43.00 2562.00
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast Spomenka in Zaprešić
Chosen because she has a washing machine
Spomenka is a wonderful host, and this is a fantastic property. She met us on-site, allowing us a flexible arrival time since we are cycle touring and it's hard to predict an exact time. The house is beautiful and well-equipped, and the yard is wonderful. We enjoyed our stay very much and highly recommend staying.
$79.00 Zaprešić
2015-08-30 : To Jastrebarsko
Activity Cycle Zaprešić to Jastrebarsko
Day 60: 42km: Total 2604km $0.00 42.00 2604.00
Accommodation Hotel Guest House Šeperić
Nice place! Will be even nicer when it's finished.
Friendly, helpful, welcoming staff. Very new property with nice rooms, furniture, bathroom. Some features are unfinished, for example, the entryway stairwell and balconies (the balconies don't have railings on them yet).
$53.00 Jastrebarsko
2015-08-31 : To Belavići
Activity Cycle Jastrebarsko to Belavići
Day 61: 37km: Total 2641km $0.00 37.00 2641.00
Accommodation Camp Campsite „Slapić“
3 Nights $81.00 Belavići
2015-09-01 : Karlovac Ruta 6
Activity Cycle Karlovac Ruta 6
Day 62: 63km: Total 2704km $0.00 63.00 2704.00
Accommodation Camp
Campsite „Slapić“
2015-09-02 : Karlovac Ruta Brent
Activity Cycle Karlovac Ruta Brent
Day 63: 43km: Total 2747km $0.00 43.00 2747.00
Accommodation Camp
Campsite „Slapić“
2015-09-03 : To Ogulin
Activity Cycle Belavici to Ogulin
Day 64: 45km: Total 2792km $0.00 45.00 2792.00
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast Bed and Breakfast Victoria
7 Nights, incl breakfast

Fantastic staff! The proprietor, his wife, and their staff were all amazingly nice and helpful. We stayed for several days - we were waiting out some rain, and my husband was sick. Everyone was incredibly nice and helpful.

The room was very small, but certainly functional. We were comfortable enough.
$420.00 Ogulin
2015-09-04 : Rain/rest day in Ogulin
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast
Bed and Breakfast Victoria
2015-09-05 : Rain/rest day in Ogulin
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast
Bed and Breakfast Victoria
2015-09-06 : Doctor visit for Brent
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast
Bed and Breakfast Victoria
2015-09-07 : Rest/recovery day in Ogulin
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast
Bed and Breakfast Victoria
2015-09-08 : Rest/recovery day in Ogulin
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast
Bed and Breakfast Victoria
2015-09-09 : Rest/recovery day in Ogulin
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast
Bed and Breakfast Victoria
2015-09-10 : Train to Rijeka
Travel Train Ogulin to Rijeka
$50.00 Ogulin Rijeka
Accommodation Pension Apartment Dux
2 nights
Fantastic Place!
This apartment was spotless, appealing, well-equipped and very conveniently located. We appreciated the strong WiFi and washing machine. Ingrid was friendly, efficient, patient and welcoming. Make sure you let her know when you're coming - there's no reception desk. It's personal check-in only.
$137.00 Rijeka
2015-09-11 : Day in Rijeka
Activity Sight See Rijeka
Activity Sight See Trsat Fortress
Accommodation Pension
Apartment Dux
2015-09-12 : Rijeka to Preluk via Opatija
Activity Cycle Rijeka to Preluk via Opatija
Day 65: 17km: Total 2809km $0.00 17.00 2809.00
Accommodation Camp Camping Preluk
2015-09-13 : Hike to Lovranska Draga
Activity Cycle Preluk to Medveja
Day 66: 13km: Total 2822km $0.00 13.00 2822.00
Activity Hike Lovranska Draga and Hotel Draga Di Lovrana in Učka Nature Park
Approx 7km; Approx 400m elevation gain $0.00 0.00 0.00
Accommodation Glamping Autocamp Medveja
3 nights; premium mobile home $315.00 Medveja
2015-09-14 : Rain Day in Medveja
Accommodation Glamping
Autocamp Medveja
2015-09-15 : Lovran and Kittens
Accommodation Glamping
Autocamp Medveja
2015-09-16 : To Labin
Activity Cycle Medveja to Labin via Kršan
Day 67: 46km: Total 2868km $0.00 46.00 2868.00
Activity Sight See Kršan Castle
Accommodation Pension Apartments Zdenka
2 nights
Staff are terrific. The son speaks English well. He was very accommodating of our cycle touring gear. The welcome drink was very nice. Property is fantastic.
A little out of town and hard to find. There were some dogs penned in the yard that barked a lot.
$102.00 Labin
2015-09-17 : Day trip around Labin
Accommodation Pension
Apartments Zdenka
2015-09-18 : To Marčana
Activity Cycle Labin to Marčana
Day 68: 35km: Total 2903km $0.00 35.00 2903.00
Accommodation Pension Relax and Enjoy Apartments Marčana
$72.00 Marčana
2015-09-19 : To Premantura
Activity Cycle Marcana to Premantura
Day 69: 46km: Total 2949km $0.00 46.00 2949.00
Accommodation Camp Camping Stupice
Two nights $65.00 Premantura
2015-09-20 : Kamenjak Park
Activity Hike Kamenjak Park
$0.00 0.00 0.00
Accommodation Camp
Camping Stupice
2015-09-21 : Pula
Activity Cycle Premantura to Pula
Day 70: 17km: Total 2966km $0.00 17.00 2966.00
Activity Sight See Pula Arena
Accommodation Pension Apartments Maletic
Staff are friendly and welcoming. The property is beautiful, with a spectacular courtyard. They were very accommodating of our cycle touring gear. The room was clean and comfortable. Property is very near the Arena, which is an amazing place to walk around.
Property is super confusing to try and find, and is nestled within a set of one-way streets that magically all seem to go the wrong direction. Some instructions to find it would be helpful.
$55.00 Pula
2015-09-22 : To Rovinj
Activity Cycle Pula to Rovinj
Day 71: 51km: Total 3017km $0.00 51.00 3017.00
Accommodation Pension Mate & Mira Apartman
4 nights
Great property. Very spacious and comfortable. Washing machine in the suite. Welcome drink was very nice. Staff very nice and welcoming. Everything was good.
It's a little distance from center of town.
$300.00 Rovinj
2015-09-23 : Day in Rovinj
Activity Sight See Rovinj
Accommodation Pension
Mate & Mira Apartman
2015-09-24 : Day Trip to Novigrad
Travel Bus Rovinj to Novigrad return
$37.00 Rovinj Novigrad
Activity Sight See Lim Bay
Activity Sight See Novigrad
Accommodation Pension
Mate & Mira Apartman
2015-09-25 : Day Trip to Pula
Travel Bus Day trip to Pula
$20.00 Rovinj Pula
Activity Sight See Pula Arena
Incl English recorded guide gadget $24.00
Activity Sight See Pula Fortress
Accommodation Pension
Mate & Mira Apartman
2015-09-26 : Monkodonja and to Kanfanar
Activity Cycle To Kanfanar via Monkodonja
Day 72: 28km: Total 3045km $0.00 28.00 3045.00
Activity Sight See Monkodonja
Accommodation Pension Apartment Greta
Great property, very close to town square and a great view into the valley. The proprietors were helpful and friendly and the room was spacious and comfortable. $80.00 Kanfanar
2015-09-27 : To Kršan
Activity Cycle Kanfanar to Kršan
Day 73: 33km: Total 3078km $0.00 33.00 3078.00
Activity Sight See Kažun
We've been seeing these stone huts all over the place. Very neat! $0.00
Accommodation Pension Apartment Jakov
Very friendly and helpful. Provided parking for our bicycles. The apartment was great - spacious and clean. Our hostess surprised us with some nutella crepes - fantastic!

The TV is in the dining room - there's no place to really sit and get comfortable to watch, but hopefully you're not coming to watch TV anyway.
$75.00 Kršan
2015-09-28 : To Lovran
Activity Cycle Krsan to Lovran
Day 74: 33km: Total 3111km $0.00 33.00 3111.00
Accommodation Pension Guesthouse Kuća na šterne
$48.00 Lovran
2015-09-29 : To Rijeka
Activity Cycle Lovran to Rijeka
Day 75: 21km: Total 3132km $0.00 21.00 3132.00
Accommodation Hostel Hostel Cristal Roche
2 nights

Very convenient location. Room is large and nicely decorated.

This should not be called a hostel. There is no common room and the kitchen is completely inadequate. It is not plumbed. There is a stovetop and small fridge, but no water. Water and dish washing would happen in the bathroom, although we basically didn't use it. The kitchen is tiny, cluttered and full of dirty ashtrays.
The listing said WiFi in all areas but there was no WiFi while we were there.
The bed was unmade and linens provided didn't seem to fit the bed properly. The room wasn't particularly clean - there were papers on the floor and someone's pants and underwear in the bathroom cupboard.
The proprietor doesn't seem to have read the "special requests" where I indicated that we would need space for two bicycles. She was completely surprised by that and refused to let us bring them into the building -instructing us to lock them up on the street. I'm not saying that the property is obliged to provide space for bicycles, but if she'd sent me a message to let me know there was none available, it would have saved a lot of hassles for us all.
$150.00 Rijeka
2015-09-30 : Rijeka chores
Accommodation Hostel
Hostel Cristal Roche
2015-10-01 : To Zadar
Travel Bus Rijeka to Zadar
$60.00 Rijeka Zadar
Activity Sight See Zadar
Activity Sight See Zadar Sea Organ
Activity Sight See Zadar Sea Organ - Video
Accommodation Pension Don Ive Prodana Studio
Two nights
Ulica Don Ive Prodana 10

Great location - convenient to everything. The room is in a neat old building in Zadar's old town - a fascinating experience for someone like me from the "new world". The proprietor is friendly and helpful and extremely fast at answering e-mails - great communication. She met us out on the street in case we were having trouble finding it (which we were). When there was an issue with the WiFi she addressed it immediately. The electric WC is interesting (albeit a little disturbing).

Bring a flashlight for any late-night WC-visits. The hall light is on a timer which doesn't last very long. The walls are very thin and we had noisy neighbors coming in late at night both nights. Oh well. The proprietor can't control that!
$80.00 Zadar
2015-10-02 : Zadar
Activity Sight See Archaeological Museum Zadar
Activity Sight See St. Michael Fort
We can see this across the water from Zadar. It looks like some kind of mysterious castle ruin with a wall around it from a distance. Brent is so bummed that it's some kind of transmission tower on the hill. $0.00
Accommodation Pension
Don Ive Prodana Studio
2015-10-03 : To Plitvice
Travel Bus Zadar to Plitvice
$42.00 Zadar Plitvice Lakes
Activity Hike Plitvice Lakes National Park
2-day passes $72.00 0.00 0.00
Accommodation Pension Rada Guest House
2 nights
Incl breakfast
Jezerce 17, 53231 Jezerce, Croatia
Rada is fantastic - so hospitable, friendly and helpful. The property and rooms are great and the breakfasts are wonderful. Extremely convenient location - there is a walkway nearby (from Mukinje) that takes you directly to Plitvice Lakes so you don't have to walk along the highway if you're on foot. The bus stops right at the end of the road, too - you don't have to go all the way to Entrance 2. Wifi was strong and reliable.
$159.00 Jezerce
2015-10-04 : Plitvice
Accommodation Pension
Rada Guest House
2015-10-05 : To Split
Travel Bus Plitvice to Split
9:30-13:50 $72.00 Plitvice Lakes Split
Activity Sight See Diocletian's Palace Cellars
Only the west side of the basements were open so we couldn't go in the east side. Bummer. $8.00
Accommodation Pension Guesthouse Palace Inn
2 nights
Carrarina poljana 1/2 21000 Split
Amazing location inside Diocletian's Palace, and it's convenient to the bus depot, too. Eugen and Yerko are both exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful and both speak excellent English. WiFi was strong and reliable.
$149.00 Split
2015-10-06 : Split
Activity Sight See Diocletian's Palace
Activity Sight See Marjan
Activity Sight See Veli Varoš
Activity Tour Split Sightseeing Cruise
Accommodation Pension Guesthouse Palace Inn
2 nights $148.00 Split
2015-10-07 : To Dubrovnik
Travel Bus Split to Dubrovnik
$50.00 Split Dubrovnik
Accommodation Pension Apartments Aura
Three nights
Silvija Strahimira Kranjcevica 3A Gruz
If you don't mind walking, it's in a great location in between Lapad Beach and the Old City and handy to the bus depot. Detailed directions to find the property were e-mailed ahead of time and very helpful. The staff were friendly and welcoming. The property has a beautiful sitting area in the courtyard.
There is a long list of very strict rules and dire consequences posted on the wall. These should be communicated on the Booking.com posting so people know what to expect. We found them very off-putting. Also, WiFi was very weak and unreliable.
$217.00 Dubrovnik
2015-10-08 : Dubrovnik
Activity Hike Mount Srð
$0.00 0.00 0.00
Activity Sight See Dubrovnik
Activity Sight See Dubrovnik Cable Car
Activity Sight See Dubrovnik During the Homeland War
Museum in the Imperial Fort $12.00
Accommodation Pension
Apartments Aura
2015-10-09 : Dubrovnik
Activity Sight See Archaeological Museum Exhibitions
Price: 100kn/ea for nine museums - we visited four, so 25kn (or $5)/ea/ea. $10.00
Activity Sight See Ethnographic Museum
Price: 100kn/ea for nine museums - we visited four, so 25kn (or $5)/ea/ea. $10.00
Activity Sight See Maritime Museum
Price: 100kn/ea for nine museums - we visited four, so 25kn (or $5)/ea/ea. $10.00
Activity Sight See The Rector's Palace
Price: 100kn/ea for nine museums - we visited four, so 25kn (or $5)/ea/ea. $10.00
Accommodation Pension
Apartments Aura
2015-10-10 : To Sarajevo
Travel Bus Dubrovnik to Sarajevo
$74.00 Dubrovnik Sarajevo
Activity Sight See Franz Ferdinand Assassination Location
Activity Sight See Sarajevo Rose
Accommodation Pension Guest House Toplik
Three nights
Toplik br. 5 71000 Sarajevo
Amar is amazing. Very knowledgeable and helpful... in fact, above and beyond helpful. WiFi is strong and the property is nice, clean and comfortable. Convenient to downtown core.
5km from bus depot (although Amar solved that problem by picking us up in the rain). Taxis in Sarajevo are challenging and difficult, but again, Amar solved that problem for us too by driving us to the airport early in the morning!
$101.00 Sarajevo
2015-10-11 : Sarajevo
Tip General Info Seattle Times Article

War shattered the soul of Sarajevo
Tip General Info Seige of Sarajevo
Activity Sight See Javni WC
The oldest operating WC in Europe. Saw it. Used it. $0.00
Activity Tour Free Sarajevo Walking Tour
Accommodation Pension
Guest House Toplik
2015-10-12 : Sarajevo
Tip General Info Markale Massacres
Activity Tour Sarajevo Olympic Bobsleigh and Luge Track
The track was damaged as a result of the siege which occurred during the Bosnian War. During the siege, the track was used as an artillery position by Bosnian Serb forces. Today, the tracks still remain mostly intact with war wounds of defensive fighting holes, drilled into one of the last turns of the course. The tracks today are mainly used for graffiti and bicycling. $0.00
Activity Tour Sarajevo Seige Tour
Incl admission to Tunnel of Hope. $75.00
Activity Tour Sarajevo Tunnel of Hope
The Sarajevo Tunnel had been constructed between May 1992 and November 1995, during the Siege of Sarajevo in the midst of the Bosnian War. It was built by the Bosnian Army in order to link the city of Sarajevo, which was entirely cut off by Serbian forces, with Bosnian-held territory on the other side of the Sarajevo Airport, an area controlled by the United Nations. The tunnel linked the Sarajevo neighbourhoods of Dobrinja and Butmir, allowing food, war supplies, and humanitarian aid to come into the city, and people to get out. $15.00
Accommodation Pension
Guest House Toplik
2015-10-13 : To Göreme
Tip Travel Resource Brent Gürkan and Omer Kocaturk

Discount Licensed Travel Agents
Brent and Omer run a discount licensed travel agency. They have no web site, but they can help make all arrangements at lower prices than other providers. Contact them at goantalya@hotmail.com and/or tel: 0536-228-62-68. $0.00
Travel Bus Shuttle to Göreme
Arranged by Yavuz: I just made pick up reservation .you have to fine it your name on the gate and it is cost 25 tl perperson $22.00 Nevşehir Kapadokya Airport Göreme
Travel Flight Sarajevo to Cappadocia Airport with Turkish Airlines
The reservation code is: 22XSU5
TK 1022. SJJ to IST. 8:50 to 11:45
TK 2008. IST to NAV. 17:45 to 19:05
$440.00 Sarajevo SJJ Nevşehir Kapadokya Airport NAV
Service Other Turkey e-Visa
Tourist visas $170.00
Accommodation Hostel Country House
5 Nights, incl breakfast
$190.00 Göreme
2015-10-14 : Cappadocia
Activity Tour Derinkuyu Underground City
Part of Green Tour $0.00
Activity Tour Green Tour
Arranged by Yavuz
Included lunch and entrance to all points of interest
Activity Tour Ihlara Valley
Part of Green Tour $0.00
Activity Tour Selime Cathedral
Part of Green Tour $0.00
Accommodation Hostel
Country House
2015-10-15 : Cappadocia
Activity Hike Bağildere (Love Valley)
Love Valley - When Nature gets Pornographic $0.00 0.00 0.00
Activity Hike Güvercinlik Vadisi (Pigeon Valley)
$0.00 0.00 0.00
Activity Sight See Uçhisar Castle
Accommodation Hostel
Country House
2015-10-16 : Cappadocia
Activity Other Turkish Night
Combo with Dervish show. $0.00
Activity Other Whirling Dervish Show
Arranged by Brent $115.00
Activity Sight See Devrent (Imagination) Valley
Part of Red Tour $0.00
Activity Sight See Three Beauties - Fairy Chimneys of Ürgüp
Part of Red Tour $0.00
Activity Tour Avanos Pottery - Güray Müze
Part of Red Tour $0.00
Activity Tour Göreme Open Air Museum
Part of Red Tour $0.00
Activity Tour Paşabağ (Monks Valley)
Part of Red Tour $0.00
Activity Tour Red Tour
Arranged by Yavuz $90.00
Accommodation Hostel
Country House
2015-10-17 : Cappadocia
Tip General Info The Birth of Christianity in Cappadocia

Amazing historical sites of early Christianity around Cappadocia. One thing I find quite interesting is that Jesus appears to have been depicted as caucasian starting an awfully long time ago.
Accommodation Hostel
Country House
2015-10-18 : To Venice
Tip General Info Cultural Norms

Don't be an asshole in Italy
$0.00 0 0
Travel Bus Shuttle from Göreme to airport
Arranged by Brent $18.00 Göreme Nevşehir Kapadokya Airport
Travel Ferry Water Bus to Venice
Blue Line $45.00 Venice airport Venice Ospidale Stop
Travel Flight To Venice with Turkish Airlines
The reservation code is: 2299J9
TK 2007. 9:05 from NAV to IST (10:25), term D
TK 1871. 11:50 from IST to VCE (13:20)
$525.00 Nevşehir Kapadokya Airport NAV Venice VCE
Accommodation Pension Melusina Budget
3 nights
See map picture for location
Andrea is very helpful and knowledgeable and offered several excellent personalized suggestions for what to do in Venice. Fantastic, convenient location. Strong WiFi.
$380.00 Venice
2015-10-19 : Venice
Accommodation Pension
Melusina Budget
2015-10-20 : Venice
Activity Sight See Campanile of Santo Stefano
One of three leaning towers in Venice. $0.00
Activity Sight See Santa Maria della Salute
Accommodation Pension
Melusina Budget
2015-10-21 : Train - Venice to Innsbruck
Travel Train Venice to Verona
Route 9712. 8:50-10:00 $69.00 Venice Verona
Travel Train Verona to Innsbruck
Route 80 11:02 - 14:32 $131.00 Verona Innsbruck Hbf
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast Bistro's B&B
Incl breakfast
Pradlerstraße 2, Pradl, Innsbruck
Fantastic location - beautiful spot along the river. Convenient to train station. Amazing view from our room. Warm fresh-baked buns at breakfast. Strong WiFi.
$113.00 Innsbruck
2015-10-22 : Train to Luzern
Tip General Info Wooly Alder Aphid

Saw some of these guys today. AWESOME!
Travel Train Innsbruck to Luzern
RJ 362, dep 9:48
Arr Zurich 13:20
InterRegio IR 2651, dep 13:35
Arr Luzern 14:25
$250.00 Innsbruck Luzern
Activity Sight See Hinter Musegg
Highland cows and alpacas! $0.00
Activity Sight See Kapellbrücke - Chapel Bridge
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast B&B Bettstatt-Neustadt
Incl breakfast
Neustadtstrasse 10 6003 Lucerne
Helpful, friendly staff. Extremely convenient location for old town and the train station.
Weak internet. Inconsiderate neighbor who hogged the one shared bathroom for an hour and a half in the evening (but that's not the proprietor's fault).
$134.00 Luzern
2015-10-23 : Train to Geneve
Travel Train Luzern to Geneve
Every hour on the hour, 2 hours and 45 min. $223.69 Luzern Geneve
Activity Sight See Jet d'Eau
Accommodation Hotel Hotel Moderne
2 nights
Incl breakfast
1, rue de Berne Saint-Gervais / des Grottes
Extremely convenient location for attractions and the train station. Friendly staff. Fantastic breakfast.
Weak internet.
$300.00 Geneva
2015-10-24 : Day in Geneve
Activity Sight See L'horloge fleurie
Activity Sight See Site Archeologique de la Cathedrale Saint-Pierre
Accommodation Hotel
Hotel Moderne
2015-10-25 : Train to Bruges
Tip General Info Cultural Norms

Don't be an asshole in Belgium
$0.00 0 0
Travel Train Bruxelles to Bruges
Plus $27 service fee for purchasing the TGV tix through a ticket agent. $60.00 Bruxelles Bruges
Travel Train Geneve to Paris Gare Lyon
9768 $272.00 Geneve Paris Gare Lyon
Travel Train Paris station transfer
$6.00 Paris Gare de Lyon Paris Gare du Nord
Travel Train Paris to Bruxelles
9451 $248.00 Paris Gare du Nord Bruxelles
Accommodation Hotel ibis budget Brugge Centrum Station
3 nights
Marie Popelinplantsoen 4 Brugge Historic Center 8000 Bruges
Extremely convenient location. Great budget facility. Excellent breakfast (not included). Strong internet.
$270.00 Bruges
2015-10-26 : Bruges
Activity Sight See Bruges
Activity Sight See Historium Bruges
Uhhhh... a waste of $35. $35.00
Accommodation Hotel
ibis budget Brugge Centrum Station
2015-10-27 : Bruges
Activity Tour Boat Excursion
Accommodation Hotel
ibis budget Brugge Centrum Station
2015-10-28 : To Dublin
Travel Bus Dublin Shuttle
E24 round trip $17.00 Dublin Airport O'Connell Street, Dublin
Travel Flight Brussels to Dublin
FR 1455 dep 16:20 arr 17:05 $62.33 Brussels Dublin
Travel Train Bruges to Brussels
$41.00 Bruges Brussels Centrale
Travel Train Brussels Centrale to Brussels Airport
$25.00 Brussels Centrale Brussels Zaventam Airport
Activity Sight See Grand Place, Brussels
Activity Sight See Rue des Bouchers
Accommodation Bed and Breakfast Durban Residence
Incl breakfast.
69 Lower Gardiner Street
Convenient location. Nice, friendly staff. Strong internet.
Silverfish in bathroom.
$87.00 Dublin
2015-10-29 : To Paris
Travel Bus To Dublin Airport
E24 round trip $17.00 Trinity College - Nassau St. Dublin Airport
Travel Flight Dublin to Paris
EI 526, dep 13:40, arr 16:20 $192.83 Dublin Paris, CDG
Travel Other Navigo Pass
Pass lasts to end of week. We'll use it for Paris tomorrow and to go to the airport on Saturday. $78.00 Paris CDG airport Maguy's place
Accommodation Pension Maguy Merran
2 nights
Incl breakfast
See detailed info in Schengen Pop email folder
$268.00 Paris
2015-10-30 : Paris - Prep to go home
Accommodation Pension
Maguy Merran
2015-10-31 : Fly to Edmonton
Tip Handy To CDG: RER
Review web page carefully for important info!
RER map in Train folder
Tip Handy To CDG: Roissybus
Costs E11/ea. Runs every 15 minutes from Opera stn to CDG. Buy ticket from driver.
Opéra (Corner of rue Scribe and rue Auber).
Tip Other Blog: Stumbling Around Schengen
Travel Flight Fly Paris to Edmonton
FI543 to Reykjavik then FI693 to Edmonton. 13:20; 15:50; 16:45; 17:25. $0.00 Paris Edmonton