Puerto Vallarta 2019 : 2019-02-13 : Walk up Rio Cuale

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Pension Penthouse Ocean View Air BnB Puerto Vallarta $542.48 Cost for two people, nine nights.

Trip Log

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We walked up the road along Rio Cuale from Puerto Vallarta to River Canopy Park today. We thought we would walk to Jorullo Bridge as well, but they charge admission even just to walk up to it now, so we gave that a miss. We had coffee while we watched the zipliners instead. It was about a 13km walk round-trip and was very enjoyable. After we got back to PV, we spent some time people watching along the Malecon, and then headed back to our place. We were accosted by our neighbors (Dave, Rod and Chad) who forced us to have a beer with them and swap stories and insults (they're from Calgary, we're from Edmonton).