Puerto Vallarta 2019 : 2019-02-12 : Yelapa

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Pension Penthouse Ocean View Air BnB Puerto Vallarta $542.48 Cost for two people, nine nights.

Trip Log

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Today we did a happy rerun. We went to Yelapa last time we came to Puerto Vallarta and wanted to go back, so today we did. We took the bus out to Boca de Tomatlan and caught the water taxi out to Yelapa. Unlike last time, we actually got to use a pier at Yelapa (rather than being punted out in knee-deep water at the beach). The town is more built up, and more touristy than we remember. It was very nice, but I think I liked it better the first time. We walked all the way out to the point beyond Yelapa this time, then up to the waterfall, then back to Yelapa, and inland along the river for a ways (to the Oasis, and the campground) before returning to Yelapa and Boca.