Puerto Vallarta 2019 : 2019-02-14 : Hike to Las Animas

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Pension Penthouse Ocean View Air BnB Puerto Vallarta $542.48 Cost for two people, nine nights.

Trip Log

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We took the bus back to Boca today, and we walked from Boca to Las Animas. It is a fairly well-traveled trail along the coast. When we got to Las Animas, the first beach pub that we encountered had a very keen proprietor with no customers, so we decided to have lunch and beers there (rather than in the umbrella jungle just down the beach). We considered walking back to Boca, but really we wanted to grab a water taxi, but we weren't sure what time they'd show up, so when we were done eating, we went and had a seat at the end of the pier. Within five minutes a boat pulled in and asked us if we wanted a ride to Boca for 50 pesos each (about $3.50). Hells yeah, we did, so we hopped in and we were in Boca before the first official water taxi even arrived at Las Animas. That was EASY! We had a beer and did some people/pier watching in Boca before grabbing the bus back to Vallarta.