Puerto Vallarta 2019 : 2019-02-11 : On a mission for Zapatos

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Pension Penthouse Ocean View Air BnB Puerto Vallarta $542.48 Cost for two people, nine nights.

Trip Log

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If I didn't make at least one grievous error in choosing what to take on vacation I don't think I'd recognize myself. For Germany 2017, my grievous error was the type of sleeping pad to bring. For this trip to Mexico, the grievous error was what type of shoes to bring along. I brought my "pseudo keens" (read: NOT keens). They are AWFUL. They have a moulded bottom that is supposed to fit the foot, but certainly does not fit MY foot, so I end up with all kinds of weird rub points on the bottoms of both of my feet. I thought I might be able to toughen my feet up so I could do some walking in these, but... uhhhhh... no. I'm just getting worse and worse blisters. So, today, Brent and I went out on a mission for zapatos (shoes). There are lots of shoe stores in Vallarta, but not many that sell shoes that are actually meant for WALKING in. I finally found a pair, and now my feet are happy. My right ear cleared this morning, too, so I'm double happy. I'm just happy happy happy all around, and I feel way better about going out for a walk around Yelapa tomorrow.