Yucatan 2017 : 2017-02-18 : Isla Mujeres

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General Info Isla Mujeres Wikipedia $0.00 The island of Isla Mujeres is located close to one of many coral reefs such as the one located in Garrafon Park, which is an area popular for its snorkeling and scuba diving. The Cancun Underwater Museum, created by English sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, is located off the western coast of Isla Mujeres. Isla Mujeres is also home to a population of sea turtles. Because of the recent endangerment of sea turtles in the area, a facility was set up on the southern end of the island for their rehabilitation and breeding. This facility is open to the public.
General Info Isla Mujeres Turtle Farm Lonely Planet $5.00 If you’re coming from the bus stop, bear right at the ‘Y’ just beyond Hacienda Mundaca’s parking lot (the turn is marked by a tiny sign). The farm is easily reached from town by taxi (M$60).
General Info Garrafon Reef Park $0.00 Garrafon is a gorgeous natural park highlighted by reefs, cliffs and beautiful ocean landscapes that will captivate your senses and free the very essence of your soul. You will enjoy water activities like kayaking and snorkeling, adventure activities like hiking, biking and flying over the turquoise waters on a zip line, and of course live moments or hours of relaxation on hammocks, lounge chairs or our tropical bar.
General Info Punta Sur Cliff and Sculpture Park $0.00 Picture an outdoor art exhibit in one of the most breathtaking, tropical settings. Garrafón Reef Park is home to the Punta Sur Sculpture Garden. The Sebastian Foundation, along with 23 artists from Mexico and around the world, created this exhibit for Isla Mujeres in 2001. Famous sculptors such as Jose Luis Cuevas used modern shapes and bright hues to interpret the legendary spirit of the Mayan civilization. A great spot for those who crave culture and creativity.
General Info Snorkeling Advice Trip Advisor $0.00 Although a snorkeler can swim out from any beach on Isla Mujeres and have some chance of seeing some marine life, the center for snorkeling on the island is Garrafon Reef Park (garrafon.com), which was built opposite the main stretch of the island's coral reef.
What makes Playa Norte great for swimming--a nice, shallow, sandy bottom--makes it boring for snorkeling. If you go just around the corner toward the Avalon hotel there is an area with some rocks, and the shade of the bridge provides some shelter for fish. You might also venture out along Avalon's peninsula.
You might also try Garrafon de Castillo, which does have a nominal admission fee, at the southern end of the island.
I have snorkeled near the lighthouse a few times and I think it is a great experience! I have always seen lots of fish and the corals are amazing too. Beware of jellyfish
General Info Water Fun $0.00 Playa Norte (North Beach) is considered one of the best beaches in the Caribbean and it deserves the honor. The soft white sand, palm trees and water so blue the sky looks pale, make it the perfect place to relax and unwind from the rigors of life. There is almost no current and you can wade out very far with the water still only coming to your waist.
Playa Posada, which runs along west side of town, is usually less crowed than Playa Norte but the water is not as shallow and clear.
Playa Paraiso, Playa Lancheros and Playa Indios: These more secluded beaches are located on the west side of Isla Mujeres facing Cancun, mid-island near Hacienda Mundaca. There are open air palapa restaurants, gift shops, bathrooms, chairs and umbrellas. You can also rent kayaks, canoes and even beach toys for the kids.
Scuba Diving: The diving around Isla Mujeres is unforgettable. The Manchones Reef begins just off of Isla's shore and the Cuevones and Banderas Reefs are close by. The waters are calm and clear - perfect for the beginner as well as the advanced diver. For advanced divers there are wreck dives, drift dives, and night dives.
General Info MUSA $0.00 The crystal clear waters surrounding Isla Mujeres is home to the largest underwater museum on the planet.
The best way to visit the sculptures in Salon Manchones is scuba diving, since the sculptures are located 8 meters deep.
There are 3 ways to visit the sculptures in Salon Nizuc and spot different sculptures: you can snorkel, take the tour in the glass bottom or the jungle tour. The depth of this area is 4 meters so no scuba diving is allowed.
General Info Swimming with Dolphins Dolphin Discovery $0.00 Its a place in isla de las mujeres where you can swimming with the Dolphins but there is much more in same place, restaurants, bars, pools and other activities . The place is not cheap, for a one hour with dolphins the complete package that includes the photos is 120 dollars you can not take photos by yourself it's not allowed and they will pursue you if you try.
For a vip entrance that it's a kind of day use with lunch the price is 30 dollars. I strongly recommend you to buy when you arrives, on the Internet the same package costs 50% more. México is not good to indicate where the places are so to find this place in the island here is the address: Camino Sac Bajo Lote 26,.
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Ferry Ultramar Schedule Gran Puerto Isla Mujeres $39.00 The newest ferry service to Isla Mujeres, Ultramar leaves from Gran Puerto, just two blocks before Puerto Juarez. Actually, that entire area is considered Puerto Juarez, but here we are referring to the actual dock. The new catamarans they operate provide a comfortable ride with individual seats rather than benches. For this service you buy the tickets from the desk as you arrive and show your ticket before even boarding.
$39.00 round-trip for two people The time to Isla is about the same, possibly a little faster, but nothing major. The facilities at Gran Puerto are very comfotable with nice bathrooms, a few shops and an Oxxo (convience store). The price to cross is $70 Pesos each way. Here you can buy a round trip ticket, but it actually costs the same and you need to make sure you don't loose the second half of the ticket. The Ultramar boats offer icey cold AC in the lower level or open air and amazing views on the upper level!
Other Walk from BnB to Gran Puerto $0.00
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Bed and Breakfast Apartament "Marina Bonita" AirBnB Isla Mujeres $176.00 Erik is a fantastic host - very friendly, helpful and communicative. His property is clean and basic, with a well-equipped kitchenette, and the bed is quite comfortable. We loved being on the second floor with nice big windows we could open. We were on Isla at a breezy time so we got good breezes through at night to cool us down for a great sleep. The WiFi is strong and reliable, but doesn't require a password, so be cautious about using it for financial things. The apartment is above Erik's home, so it is very convenient to reach him. If he's not home, his wife often is.

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We took an early ferry to Isla Mujeres and walked the ~2km to our host's home. He had agreed to let us drop our bags at his place early, and then return for check-in later, which was super handy. We then spent the rest of the day exploring Isla Mujeres, walking over to the Tortugranja to see what that was about, then up to Playa Norte where we enjoyed a cerveza on the playa among the hoardes. I haven't gotten the wifi information from our host, so, so far, no wifi (other than when we're around the corner at the Green restaurant).
Apparently it's too windy right now for diving from Isla. We've been told to call on Monday morning to find out if Brent can go on a dive on Monday afternoon because tomorrow (Sunday) is out of the question.