Yucatan 2017 : 2017-02-17 : Cancun

Type Name Service Provider Origin Destination Cost Notes Actions
Bus To Cancun $9.00 1. Return rental car to Playa del Carmen
2. Bus to Cancun
3. Don't forget to buy bus ticket to the airport to fly home
Other Walk to ADO in Pl d C $0.00
Other Walk to BnB in Cancun $0.00
Vehicle Taxi ADO to AirBnB ADO Cancun Centro AirBnB, Puerto Juarez $6.50
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Bed and Breakfast Best Location In Front of the Beach AirBnB Cancun $124.00 There seem to be a few units here, at the side of Hotel del Sol. We think they were probably meant to be time-shares or something as they are bi-level, very spacious and well-equipped. There are no dishes, cutlery or coffee-maker, but breakfast is available at Hotel del Sol itself. The location is extremely convenient for the ferries to Isla Mujeres, and the neighborhood is bustling, although it is not crowded and frenetic like downtown Cancun. It was a great launching point for us for our visit to Isla Mujeres. We didn't meet Daniel - we just dealt with the front desk staff at Hotel del Sol.

Trip Log

Notes Actions
A couple of things I've discovered about Playa del Carmen:
- It costs less than half to go by ADO from Playa to Cancun than it does from Playa to the airport, even though Cancun is further.
- Carrying a full backpack lends instant and full immunity from harassment by the street vendors
I chose our AirBnB place because it is across the street from the ferry terminal to Isla Mujeres. That will be super convenient for us for the last leg of our trip, but it turns out that it's also a very interesting barrio in its own right. It is well outside of the main/tourist areas of Cancun, but the barrio, and the next barrio, clearly used to be "the" place to be. There are still a lot of establishments in the area, and a lot of old, decaying, former "it" places. It was extremely interesting to explore.