Yucatan 2017 : 2017-02-19 : Isla Mujeres

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General Info Ice Bar $0.00
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Bed and Breakfast Apartament "Marina Bonita" AirBnB Isla Mujeres $176.00 Erik is a fantastic host - very friendly, helpful and communicative. His property is clean and basic, with a well-equipped kitchenette, and the bed is quite comfortable. We loved being on the second floor with nice big windows we could open. We were on Isla at a breezy time so we got good breezes through at night to cool us down for a great sleep. The WiFi is strong and reliable, but doesn't require a password, so be cautious about using it for financial things. The apartment is above Erik's home, so it is very convenient to reach him. If he's not home, his wife often is.

Trip Log

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Today we explored Isla Mujeres on foot. We didn't get as far as we'd hoped because we ran out of water and we got slightly waylaid with a visit to the Ice Bar. We paid our admission (plus drink) to go in (wearing their funny iceman cloaks) and got good and cold. Then, we went next door for a snack, then we came back for one last "dip" before moving on - and gave the iceman cloaks a miss. It was pretty awesome.
Our place on Isla Mujeres is a second-floor apartment above the house of our host. It's on a main road. We have a deck that faces the street. There's lots to watch in the evenings, with people and animals and traffic, but something we find quite captivating is a 'northern lights' display. There's a wall across the street that has a light that shines on it from a distance. There are palm trees between the light and the wall. As the trees move, they create an effect on the wall that looks EXTREMELY similar to northern lights. Fun!