Epic European Cycle : 2015-10-13 : To Göreme

Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Notes Actions
Travel Resource Brent Gürkan and Omer Kocaturk Discount Licensed Travel Agents $0.00 Brent and Omer run a discount licensed travel agency. They have no web site, but they can help make all arrangements at lower prices than other providers. Contact them at goantalya@hotmail.com and/or tel: 0536-228-62-68.
Type Name Service Provider Origin Destination Cost Notes Actions
Bus Shuttle to Göreme Nevşehir Kapadokya Airport Göreme $22.00 Arranged by Yavuz: I just made pick up reservation .you have to fine it your name on the gate and it is cost 25 tl perperson
Flight Sarajevo to Cappadocia Airport with Turkish Airlines Tripair Sarajevo SJJ Nevşehir Kapadokya Airport NAV $440.00 The reservation code is: 22XSU5
TK 1022. SJJ to IST. 8:50 to 11:45
TK 2008. IST to NAV. 17:45 to 19:05
Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Notes Actions
Other Turkey e-Visa $170.00 Tourist visas
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Hostel Country House Air BnB Göreme $190.00 5 Nights, incl breakfast

Trip Log

Notes Actions
We spent some time with three Sarayevo natives during our stay. Marima our walking tour guide, Skender our siege tour guide and Amar our guest house host. They were all young children when the war started... one was six, one seven and one eight. It was very interesting for me to meet them and hear their perspectives - each was different but also similar. Marima shared many poignant personal memories of the war, is getting by and doesn't have any faith that education or ambition get you anywhere. Skender is incredibly knowledgeable about the war and politics. He tries, with varying degrees of success, to present an objective view of the seige of Sarajevo. He is involved in running a couple of hospitality businesses with his family. Amar has a good full-time job and has built his guest house on his own, which he runs in his spare time. All three have a keen sense of gallows humor, and meeting each of them was a very interesting and moving experience for me.
Arriving in Cappadocia was jaw-dropping amazing, and that was in the dark. I can't wait to see what this looks like in the light. We walked through Goreme this evening after we arrived. It's very tourist-centric, but so far not in an obnoxious way. We met a discount travel agent named Brent who is an American golf pro who moved to Turkey. He gave us free Ouzo (or the Turkish version of it) and talked for over an hour giving us advice about what to do and how to do it. I'm so glad we came here!