Epic European Cycle : 2015-07-09 : Cycle to Freshwater with Beth

Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Notes Actions
General Info Bike Rental From Prince of Wales to Bike Rental at 1 Terminus Road, Cowes. $ Walk 1 mile plus ferry. Northwest on York Ave toward Connaught Rd. Slight left onto Ferry Rd. Take the ferry across. Continue straight onto Medina Rd/National Cycle Rte. Turn right onto Birmingham Rd. Continue on High St. Turn left onto Terminus Rd. Ferry: http://www.iwight.com/Council/OtherServices/Cowes-Floating-Bridge/Cowes-Chain-Ferry
General Info Helmet The IoW bike rental shop provides helmets $
General Info Bike Reservation There were a couple of mix-ups with the bike reservation. The reservation is for three adult bikes, an Avenir Luggage Trailer, and is from July 9th through 12th. $
General Info Bike Rental Map $0.00
Handy Bicycle Island - Isle of Wight Cycle Map Best cycle map (and resource) for Isle of Wight Heritage House (Publishers) Ltd $0.00 I picked up a couple of maps for Isle of Wight in Southampton. I wasn't completely happy with either of them, but I thought that by using them together I could figure out a decent route. When we got to our bike hire place, they had a map on the wall which looked awesome to me, and showed more routes than were on my other maps. I asked the guy if they had any and he said no, and then criticized the map, saying it was hard to read.

When we made it out to Seahorses, they had this map for sale for £5, so I bought it. It is completely awesome! It shows routes that no other maps shows. It includes information about the bike-friendly buses (in case we need them). It includes information about all the bike shops and services on the island. It has turned out to be my main resource for this trip. Love it.
Other Seahorses Map $0.00
Reminder Pick up rental bikes $0.00
Reminder The Needles Must see The Needles, which is the main feature of the island. It's at Alum Bay on the western side of the island $
Travel Resource Island Coaster Cycle-friendly buses can carry up to six bikes each. $0.00
Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Kms To Date Total Notes Actions
Cycle Isle of Wight - Round the Island Route $0.00 0.00 0.00 Day 30: 30km: Total 1294km
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Bed and Breakfast Seahorses Camp Hill $180.00 Pre-paid
Incl breakfast

Trip Log

Notes Actions
I miss Dewey! We picked up rental bikes today. As is normal for rental bikes, they're pretty crappy. And, of course, no clip pedals. I am SO used to the clips on Dewey, I'm having a hard time riding a bike with normal pedals. Sheesh!
We cycled from Cowes to Freshwater today along the "Coastal Route" cycle route. It was really great, although the Isle of Wight could do a lot to improve their cycle signage. When we got to Freshwater, we had thought to ride out to Needles, but our hosts, Alexander and Christina, convinced us that it was better to walk because you're not allowed to cycle along the most scenic route. They were crazy hospitable. They are from Hungary, and lived in Toronto and Barrie for a few months where Alex completely fell in love with Canada (and, apparently, Canadians). Seriously, it was like we were long-lost relatives that they'd been saving up for ten years for a visit. They ended up taking us out to the Needles and walking part of the path with us, then they tried to make us a dinner reservation at the best place in town (The Red Lion), but that didn't work out, so then they took us past the Co-Op so we could buy some groceries instead. Really great folks - I hope they take us up on the offer to come visit in Canada someday.