Epic European Cycle : 2015-07-06 : Corfe Castle with Beth

Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Kms To Date Total Notes Actions
Hike Purbeck Way to Corfe Castle $0.00 0.00 0.00 We walked a short distance of the Purbeck Way, from north of Harman's Cross to Corfe Castle, which took us along a ride and through some cows.
Sight See Corfe Castle $0.00 Getting There: Swanage Railway (ie. to Corfe Castle): http://www.swanagerailway.co.uk/
Type Name Description Restaurant Cost Notes Actions
Dinner Steak Pasty Square and Compass in Worth Matravers $0.00
Other Beer Scott Arms in Kingston $0.00
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Bed and Breakfast April Cottage Harman's Cross $416.00 Pre-paid
Incl breakfast
Three nights. $139/night.

April Cottage is an exceptionally beautiful property. The home is beautiful, the garden is beautiful, the whole setting is beautiful. Before our arrival, Peter helped me plan our multi-legged journey to get there. He keyed in immediately to our activity preferences and offered fantastic advice for walks and destinations in the area, including lending us his great Explorer map of the area. The breakfasts he prepares are amazing - delicious, nutritious and beautifully presented. This is probably the nicest place I've ever stayed in my life.

Trip Log

Notes Actions
Our B&B host, Peter, provided us with lots of great information, and lent us his highly-detailed map of the area for the day. We walked from Harman's Cross to Corfe Castle via Purbeck Way, explored Corfe Castle, had traditional "cream tea" (scone with clotted cream and jam, plus tea), then tried to walk to Worth Matravers via the Purbeck Way. We ended up going sort of the wrong way and went via Kingston (including a splash in the swamp and a tromp in the nettles for me, and a fall into the nettles for Beth). We had a beer in Kingston and then carried on to Worth Matravers where we saw an interesting Stonehenge-like wooden sculpture, and then had steak pasties and beer at the Square and Compass, which had been recommended to us by a couple of people. Beth played her flute at Corfe Castle and at the Kingston pub.
I was at Corfe Castle in the late 1990s and had it built up in my head to be an extremely cool and fascinating place. When Brent, Beth and I decided to go to England, I insisted that we go back there, and booked us into a nearby B&B for three nights. It was awesome to see it again today, and... YAY! It's just as cool as I remember! It would be the pits to drag my friends halfway around the world to see something that was just meh compared to my memory of it.
From Brent: Corfe Castle, in Dorset, is a pretty impressive ruin. The one thing that impressed me the most about it was that the main gate archway had pulled apart. The arch looked like it might fit back together if you could shift the gatehouses back to their original positions. The lefthand gatehouse and half of the arch had shifted foreward about 4 feet and down about 6 feet, sinkinging into the ground and sliding down-slope yet staying upright and mostly intact.