Epic European Cycle : 2015-07-01 : Edinburgh Castle with Dawn

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Bed and Breakfast Carolina Villalba Roldan AirBnB Edinburgh $249.00 This person COMPLETELY SCREWED US OVER. She decided, when she hadn't heard from us by 3PM today (I e-mailed her at 7AM) that I'd "changed my mind" about staying with her and left town. I was billed two nights of the three regardless.

3 nights. $83/night
75/3 Cowgate
+44 7960 604084
Hostel Stayed with Dawn $0.00

Trip Log

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After several days of running running running hither and thither, we took a more relaxed day today. We didn't set any alarms to get up, and then just devoted the day to exploring Edinburgh Castle. It is an active castle, with a couple of buildings still in use today, so very different from the ruins we've been visiting. And super busy. One thing that surprised us was that we weren't "allowed" to leave and then come back. We had gone in the morning and decided to leave for lunch and then return. I assumed that with our "Explorer Passes", in and out privileges were a given. Dawn stopped and asked on our way out anyway, and was told we were fine. When we got back to the queue after lunch, though, the young fella there informed us that we were NOT, in fact, supposed to go out and then back in on the same "Explorer Pass". It seems like one of the dumbest things I've ever heard of. Our best guess as to why it is, is to make sure that people don't "share" their "Explorer Passes". That made sense, but it would make more sense to stamp people's hands or something for re-entry.
From Brent: At Edinburgh Castle we learned a bit of history. After the death of Elisabith I, the last of the Tudors, there was a bit of a problem about who should be the new king. It turned out that James IV, King of Scotland, was the closest living relative (the great-grandson of Henry VIII's sister), so he was offered the crown and became James I of England. And that, I am told, is how the kingdoms became united and England became a part of Scotland.