Epic European Cycle : 2015-06-29 : Castling and Perth with Dawn

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Today was a "storming the castles" day. We didn't really storm, but we saw two great castles. First, we had to drive from Fort William to Doune, which was about 2.5 hours, and meant we didn't reach our first castle until close to lunch time.

Dawn had chosen Doune Castle as a "must see" because it is where Monty Python and the Holy Grail was filmed. Great choice, and great castle! It's one of the really old ones that I find so fascinating, and there was a LOT to see in the various rooms and chambers and such.

Next we were on to Lochleven Castle, which Dawn had chosen as a "must see" because it is a castle on an island, and is where Mary Queen of Scots was held prisoner for a year. The island is bigger now, but at the time, the loch pretty much came right up to the castle. This one was even older than Doune, and was less restored than Doune. It was amazing to explore and try to imagine what it had been like when it was in use. Another awesome choice!
From Brent: Doune Castle was pretty good too. When we got there I had a look from the outside and was ready to give it a miss. It doesn't look like that large or impressive a structure and it's partially ruined as well, but the admission price included an Audio-tour device and it turned out that there was really quite a lot to see once inside. The audio-tour really added to the experience. I would recommend this castle for a visit, and if you do visit be sure to go to the store-room in the gatehouse opposite the ticket office. Go all the way to the bottom and walk across the floor. It feels really weird. I was standing and rocking from foot to foot when some people came to the door and stared at me. I had to convince them to try it. Soon we had about 5 people standing in the room, rocking from foot to foot.