Epic European Cycle : 2015-06-25 : Bus to Belfast

Type Name Service Provider Origin Destination Cost Notes Actions
Bus Clones to Belfast Bus Eireann and Ulsterbus Clones Belfast $0.00 17:10 65 Bus (toward Monaghan)
17:35 Arr Monaghan
18:00 U271 to Belfast
19:45 Arr Belfast
OR 12:56 U271 direct to Belfast
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Hotel Madison's Hotel Booking.com Belfast $160.00

Trip Log

Notes Actions
Our main stop for today was the Cassandra Hand Centre where we had a nice long chat with Josephine, who runs the centre. The historian, Mary, wasn't there, but she took what information we had and said she'd get Mary to get back to us. Josephine also dispelled a myth that I had developed in my head. The stench over Clones, thankfully, isn't from the meat packing plant, nor is it a permanent fixture of the town. It is here now only because of the farmers spreading slurry for fertilization. Thank goodness!

Josephine also told us that Clones is trying to reinvent itself as a sporting destination for tourism, which is really great. There's more hope for Clones than I thought!
We have been away, now, for eight weeks, going where we want and doing what we want when we want. Tomorrow we'll be journeying over to Glasgow to meet up with Dawn for a whirlwind tour of Scotland, and then two days later we'll meet up with Beth for a whirlwind tour of England, and then two days later we'll meet up with Laura and Gabi to ride the Danube Cycle Trail from Donaueschingen to Budapest where we'll meet up with Michelle for a whirlwind tour of Budapest. Altogether, our time with friends will be about eight weeks. I'm excited and a little trepidatious.