Epic European Cycle : 2015-06-20 : Bus to Sligo

Type Name Service Provider Origin Destination Cost Notes Actions
Bus Killarney to Sligo Bus Eireanne Killarney Sligo $90.00
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Hostel Harbour House Hostel World Sligo $140.00 2 nights. $70/night. Incl breakfast.

Trip Log

Notes Actions
We've used trains a few times since arriving in Europe, and they've been pretty positive experiences. Today was our first time on a bus of any duration, and it was, as one would expect, a little more "eventful" than a train ride. I don't know what it is with busses... but they're always interesting. I particularly enjoyed the couple who came on with their brood of feral "five under ten" children. Their accent was so thick that I was sure they were speaking Gaelic at first, but eventually I realized they were speaking English. Dad was clearly in charge of the kids... all of the pleas for attention were directed at him. Then, once they departed, we got the old fella who sat up at the front of the bus... when he was finally able to sit. He couldn't maneuver into his seat... he kept doing a funny bob up and down thing. Finally another passenger went up to help him. Apparently his pants were pretty much off by the time he sat down (Brent could see... I couldn't). A few minutes later, I'm sure I could smell poop on the bus, but thankfully it cleared up. Ah, bus travel. You gotta love it.
All over Ireland you see small parcels of land divided by stone fences. Our bus driver on the Ring of Kerry yesterday said that when the Celts arrived here, they found the land full of rocks... everywhere. So, in clearing the land, they used the rocks to construct the stone fences. They make really neat little pastures everywhere.