Germany 2022 : 2022-08-24 : To Goslar

Type Name Service Provider Origin Destination Cost Notes Actions
Train Marburg to Goslar Marburg Goslar $0.00 We used our €9 ticket to get to Goslar.
- RB 40 Direction Stadtallendorf. Marburg Sud - Marburg Lahn
- RE 98 Direction Kassel. Marburg Lahn - Kassel
- RB 83 Direction Gottingen. Kassel - Gottingen
- RB 82 Direction Bad Harzburg. Gottingen - Goslar
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Camp Harz Camp Goslar $105.00 Not reserved/confirmed
Check-in: 15:00. Check-out: ??
Cost is for three nights

Trip Log

Notes Actions
I learned an expensive lesson regarding my KeepGo data plan yesterday. Turns out that using maps all day, exchanging photos with the Laggais, and uploading pics to DAMDetails actually burns through a lot of data. Who knew!!?? D’uh. I’ve switched data roaming off on all of my apps, and I’m trying to recharge my KeepGo. Good thing I have paper backups.

Our E9 rail passes are working out great! I just wish the program was going to be continued in September. Since it isn’t, we’re thinking about renting a car for the first week of September.

We had a good long journey to Goslar today, skipping over Trendleberg. We will probably only do one side trip from here although we have three to choose from.

After we got to town we decided to walk to the campground instead of using the bus. The campground is a ways out of town… I think moving forward we’ll use the bus. We had a long 3km walk on a trail that sometimes forgot to exist. When we got to the campground, it was very nice and the proprietor says we’re the first Canadian guests she’s ever had. Cool! There is no restaurant here so we made do with skanky cheese that Brent has been carrying since Canada, almonds that I’ve been carrying since Canada, plus beers, potato chips and kuchen from the little campground cantina.

There seems to be one place in this campground where the Wifi works - a small set of stairs to nowhere, near the wash building. Me and a 13-year-old boy have been sharing the spot.