Bequia with Friends : 2018-02-10 : Travel Day - Primary

Type Name Service Provider Origin Destination Cost Notes Actions
Flight 1 RBK WestJet to Toronto Westjet Edmonton (YEG) Toronto (YYZ) $2204.50 Rhonda, Brent, Keith:
WS 426 12:05AM to YYZ, arr 5:44AM
*Note: Cost is for Rhonda & Brent only, and is return
Flight 3 RBKA Liat to St. Vincent Liat Barbados (BGI) St. Vincent (SVD) $514.00 Rhonda, Brent, Keith, Ann
LIAT 737 6:10PM, arr SVD 6:50PM
*Note: Cost is for Rhonda & Brent only, and is return
Flight 1 A Westjet to Toronto Westjet Calgary (YYC) Toronto (YYZ) $0.00 Ann: WS652
Flight 2 RBKA Westjet to Barbados Westjet Toronto (YYZ) Barbados (BGI) $0.00 Rhonda, Brent, Keith, Ann:
WS 2512 8:30AM to BGI, arr 2:48PM
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Pension Bella Vista AirBnB $1164.20 Cost is for five people, four nights

Trip Log

Notes Actions
A long, mostly uneventful travel day it was. Brent, Keith and I left Edmonton after midnight and met up with Ann in Toronto early in the morning. The three of us proceeded on to Barbados, and had enough time to zip across the road to Pug's for the obligatory Banks beer before proceeding on to St. Vincent.

Our LIAT plane to St. Vincent was delayed a little more than an hour, but as pre-arranged, Deborah was at the new airport to collect us and take us to our AirBnB. The house is enormous and beautiful with spectacular views. It is also partway up a crazy steep hill which Deborah's van is not able to climb. Sadly, when she tried, the rear end got stuck on the highway. I walked up the crazy steep hill to find the house while the others helped get Deborah un-stuck. We won't be asking her to climb the hill again - we'll meet her down at the highway for future trips.
Sadly, my faithful Windows Surface is refusing to read my photo cards. I was hoping it would survive one more trip, but I think it's about done. It will work for other stuff this time, but I won't be able to post any pics until we're home, which is disappointing. I'll need a new gadget before our next trip!