Bequia with Friends : 2018-02-07 : Planning Notes

Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Notes Actions
Accommodation Resource Accommodation Estimate Accommodation on St. Vincent and on Bequia is quite affordable. Plan on $100/night as a general budget and we'll do more specific research a little later. That estimate should be high, but plan for it just in case. $0.00
General Info Possible Activities $0.00 - Hike Vermont park on St. Vincent
- Hike La Soufriere (volcano) on St. Vincent
- Explore Kingstown (the largest town on St. Vincent)
- Take a driving tour of the Mesopotamia Valley on St. Vincent
- Ride the crazy dollar vans (what passes for public transportation in much of the third world)
- Take a sailing and snorkeling trip on the Friendship Rose
- Snorkel from the beach on Bequia
- Scuba dive from Bequia
- Hike Mt. Peggy on Bequia
- Explore Port Elizabeth (the largest town on Bequia)
- Walk "De Road" to the north end of Bequia
- Walk "De Road" to the south end of Bequia
- Drink beers at any one of a million little cantinas on Bequia
General Info Hike La Soufriere $85.00
General Info Friendship Rose - Sail and Snorkel Tobago Cays $230.00
General Info Owia Salt Pond Tour This is a new one on me, but it sounds interesting so I'm tossing it onto the list. $110.00
General Info Approx Cost - email Mar 19 2017 $0.00 I just got a question about budget for the Bequia trip.

Unless things change dramatically between now and next February, your basic costs should be:
- Approx $1300 for flights
- Approx $100/night for accommodation (I think we can do better, but I'm estimating high to be on the safe side)

Most of the activities I've chosen would be cheap or free, except for two:
- Hike La Soufriere (volcano) - about $85/ea
- Friendship Rose sail and snorkel to Tobago Cays - about $230/ea

Meals, taxis and local transit are, generally speaking, very affordable. Just to be on the safe side, I'd plan another $100/day for "mad money".

So, foregoing the "expensive" activities, and assuming a 10-day trip, you should plan for a $3300 trip. I'm pretty sure you'd come home with money left over, but I don't want to under-estimate.

We can choose our exact dates and start booking flights and accommodations later this year. I just wanted to get this information out there to help you with saving and planning.
Travel Resource Flight Barbados to Bequia Fly SVG $300.00 Cost APPROXIMATE based on flying in April 2017.
Travel Resource Flights Between Calgary and Barbados Air Canada $800.00 Costs APPROXIMATE based on flying in April 2017.
Travel Resource Flight St. Vincent to Barbados Liat $200.00 Cost is APPROXIMATE, flying in April 2017. Updated pricing when we know our travel dates.
Travel Resource Ferry Bequia to St. Vincent $20.00

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