Loreto, Mexico : 2016-02-25 : Loreto - Mission San Javier with Said

Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Kms To Date Total Notes Actions
Sight See Mission San Javier Said $200.00 $75/USD/ea
Said: said_wildlife@yahoo.com
Meet at 9:00 near Loreto Islas restaurant
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Pension Villa Santo NiƱo - Datil II Air BnB Loreto $1777.00 Ed and Rhonda: $888.50/ea
Ed, Rhonda and Brent: $592.33/ea
9 nights

Trip Log

Notes Actions
We were supposed to fish today, but it's really windy again today so we switched things around. Yesterday I e-mailed Said to ask if he could take us today instead of Friday. He said he already had a tentative booking but he'd see what he could do. I phoned Juan to see if he could take us Friday instead of today. He said he already had a booking but he'd see if he could find another captain to take us. Soon, Said e-mailed to see he could take us out today. Yay! Then, Juan called to say that he changed his Friday booking to Saturday so he could take us out on Friday. Yay!

After the hike, and Ed's spill, from yesterday, I was kind of happy to have today as an easy day. Said brought his girlfriend, Leslie, along, which was really fun. Leslie drove us up the road to San Javier. San Javier has about 100 or 150 residents - a very small town. Their claim to fame is Mission San Javier, the oldest mission in this area. The road to San Javier is largely the same route that the jesuits took to get to the mission, although their are sections of the old road off on the other side of the canyon from the current road.

We explored the mission, the grounds, and then the farm behind the mission. Then we had lunch and I bought some really yummy jam and spread.