Loreto, Mexico : 2016-02-24 : Brent goes Home; Hike with Hiker Senior Ken

Type Name Service Provider Origin Destination Cost Notes Actions
Flight Brent Flies Home West Jet Loreto Edmonton $0.00 WJ 2253 Dep 14:50
Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Kms To Date Total Notes Actions
Hike Coronado Island Hiker Senior Ken $65.00 0.00 0.00 400/ea pesos for Panga ride to the island
Meet at the dock at 8:30
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Pension Villa Santo NiƱo - Datil II Air BnB Loreto $1777.00 Ed and Rhonda: $888.50/ea
Ed, Rhonda and Brent: $592.33/ea
9 nights

Trip Log

Notes Actions
Hiker Senior Ken had 19 people out today for a hike on Coronado Island. Their plan was to hike to the top of the volcano. Legendary Ed and I had other plans. We would join them only until we decided we'd had enough of their ambitious plan and then we'd explore the island on our own.

The forecast was for a very windy day so I didn't even expect the pangas to run today, but the drivers were willing to take us, albeit to the opposite side of the island from where we would normally have gone (the same beach where we'd snorkeled before).

The start of the trail is very well-defined with rock and coral borders around the mostly smooth (sometimes sandy) trail. Abruptly the trail turns from desert to loose lava rock and starts to climb.

That's where Ed and I took our leave of the group. We explored the flat trails around the island, walking over to the beach, to the next beach, back to the place where we left the group (so I could get a photo of the place where the lava began).

We were going to head over to the beach where the pangas were, then back to the snorkeling beach, then back to the panga beach, but when we got to the panga beach, Ed discovered another trail going the other direction on the island so we decided to hike that one. We took that trail all the way out to the far tip of the island and a beautiful little sandy beach.

It was about time to turn back and meet our group at the pangas. I thought we'd finally get Ed through a hike without getting a new booboo but I really called that wrong. When we were only about five minutes from our beach, he took a spill forward cutting his hands and face on the sharp rocks. We had to use all of my available bandaids and when we got to the beach one of the other hikers gave me a couple more bandaids for all the booboo spots. It was a lot of booboos. He's well on his way to having a terrific shiner and I wonder if his eye will even be open tomorrow. It might not.

We had a very exciting panga ride back bucking the swells on the ocean. It was a great day, except for Legendary Ed breaking his face on the coral!
Brent left us to fly home to Canada today. Sigh. He came down to the docks with us in the morning to see us off for our hike, and ran back for my socks when I realized I hadn't brought any. He took pictures and blew me a kiss. <3 Brent.
I can't believe it. Ed Keith and I were out for dinner on the Malecon when I saw Brent Stephens go past in the back of a white jeep.

My brain froze for a few seconds and then I said "Ed. I just saw Brent go past. He was in the back of a jeep." Ed said "".

I said "I must be losing my mind". Ed said "Yes, you're losing your mind. Or maybe Brent has a twin." I said "But it looked just like Brent, right down to the green Croatia t-shirt and mauve backpack".

A few minutes later, we're back at the Villa and there's Brent. In his green Croatia t-shirt with his mauve backpack. His flight went mechanical on the runway and can't leave until tomorrow.

Yay! One more night with Brent!