Epic European Cycle : 2015-07-17 : To Frankfurt

Type Name Service Provider Origin Destination Cost Notes Actions
Bus 213 to Heathrow Heathrow Commuter Heathrow Lodge Heathrow Terminal 5 $0.00
Flight To Frankfurt British Airways Heathrow Frankfurt $558.00 Flight: BA0902
Confirmation: 8CQKA6
Dep 7:10 Term 5, arr 09:45 FRA Term 2
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Hotel Hotel Savigny Frankfurt Booking.com Frankfurt $149.00 Savignystr. 14-16, Westend
Near Alte Oper U station, which goes to Fischstein station
Two separate bookings. Night 1 (booking 485.415.723): $89, night 2 (booking 570753113): $60.

Trip Log

Notes Actions
I forgot to empty out the "boob safe" this morning before going through security. Set off the machine. Got searched. Had to empty the "boob safe" in public. After security, the "Snot Queen" returned with a vengeance, and Brent said it was a good thing I hadn't blown my nose before security or I would have also been busted for bringing through a liquid/gel.
We were SOOOO happy to see our own bikes today, after riding the vile rental bikes, and hauling the vile rental trailer (poor Brent). I am so happy to be riding Dewey, and to have my clip pedals, and to have my rear-view mirror again! What a difference!
We got really really accustomed to the temperatures in Ireland and the UK. Like, much colder than in Germany. When we got to Germany today we almost died! It will be nice to have a few days to acclimatize before we have to get on the bikes in a serious way. We rode about 5km today, collecting our bikes out of storage and riding them to our hotel. Maybe put on a few kms tomorrow as well - we'll see.
On the flight today, I wrote myself a "cheat sheet" of what to say to our border guard out of a few phrases that I found in Brent's phrase book. When we got to the guy, we were lucky and had a happy, friendly young fellow. He was fully fluent in English, and happy to speak it, but I asked him if I could state our business in German. I told him (yes, I realize there are errors in it... that's not the point), "Wir bin hier im Urlaup auf der Schengen fur sechs Wochen. Wir gehe Frankfurt nach Budapest auf Fahrrad." We are here on holidays in Schengen for six weeks. We are going from Frankfurt to Budapest on bicycle.

He asked me if I'd written it out myself or if someone had written it for me. I told him I wrote it out. And then he questioned me, twice, to confirm that I meant to say we were going from Frankfurt to Budapest on bicycle. It wasn't that he didn't understand my German... it was just that he thought I was making a mistake. Surely I didn't mean we were going from Frankfurt to Budapest on bicycle! It was awesome.