Epic European Cycle : 2015-10-22 : Train to Luzern

Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Notes Actions
General Info Wooly Alder Aphid Saw some of these guys today. AWESOME! $0.00
Type Name Service Provider Origin Destination Cost Notes Actions
Train Innsbruck to Luzern ÖBB - Walk-up Innsbruck Luzern $250.00 RJ 362, dep 9:48
Arr Zurich 13:20
InterRegio IR 2651, dep 13:35
Arr Luzern 14:25
Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Kms To Date Total Notes Actions
Sight See Kapellbrücke - Chapel Bridge $0.00
Sight See Hinter Musegg $0.00 Highland cows and alpacas!
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Bed and Breakfast B&B Bettstatt-Neustadt Booking.com Luzern $134.00 Incl breakfast
Neustadtstrasse 10 6003 Lucerne
Helpful, friendly staff. Extremely convenient location for old town and the train station.
Weak internet. Inconsiderate neighbor who hogged the one shared bathroom for an hour and a half in the evening (but that's not the proprietor's fault).

Trip Log

Notes Actions
Brent hasn't fallen completely ill yet. That's lucky. We had a really nice train ride from Innsbruck to Luzern. The scenery from Innsbruck to Zurich was pretty spectacular, and the scenery from Zurich to Luzern was ok. Luzern is a pretty place, but Innsbruck is a tough act to follow.