Epic European Cycle : 2015-10-04 : Plitvice

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Pension Rada Guest House Booking.com Jezerce $159.00 2 nights
Incl breakfast
Jezerce 17, 53231 Jezerce, Croatia
Rada is fantastic - so hospitable, friendly and helpful. The property and rooms are great and the breakfasts are wonderful. Extremely convenient location - there is a walkway nearby (from Mukinje) that takes you directly to Plitvice Lakes so you don't have to walk along the highway if you're on foot. The bus stops right at the end of the road, too - you don't have to go all the way to Entrance 2. Wifi was strong and reliable.

Trip Log

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Last night, Brent and I walked along the highway from Ulaz 2 to where we're staying in Jezerce village. He went out to find the grocery store later, and although it was closed, he did discover that there's a great walking path from Mukinje (right next to where we're staying) to the park that keeps you right off the highway. YAY! We used it to walk to and from the park today, and we'll use it to walk to the bus tomorrow.
We had nicer weather today than yesterday, and the nicer weather brought out the swarms of tourists. It's all a trade-off. It wasn't too bad, really, but we could see how it could be intolerable during high season!