Epic European Cycle : 2015-10-02 : Zadar

Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Kms To Date Total Notes Actions
Sight See St. Michael Fort $0.00 We can see this across the water from Zadar. It looks like some kind of mysterious castle ruin with a wall around it from a distance. Brent is so bummed that it's some kind of transmission tower on the hill.
Sight See Archaeological Museum Zadar $12.00
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Pension Don Ive Prodana Studio Booking.com Zadar $80.00 Two nights
Ulica Don Ive Prodana 10

Great location - convenient to everything. The room is in a neat old building in Zadar's old town - a fascinating experience for someone like me from the "new world". The proprietor is friendly and helpful and extremely fast at answering e-mails - great communication. She met us out on the street in case we were having trouble finding it (which we were). When there was an issue with the WiFi she addressed it immediately. The electric WC is interesting (albeit a little disturbing).

Bring a flashlight for any late-night WC-visits. The hall light is on a timer which doesn't last very long. The walls are very thin and we had noisy neighbors coming in late at night both nights. Oh well. The proprietor can't control that!

Trip Log

Notes Actions
Spent the day exploring Zadar, mostly spending time in the Archeology Museum. The city is REALLY old - their history goes back well before Roman times. Quite fascinating.
The place we're staying in is an old building in the old part of Zadar, which is really cool. One thing that is particularly fascinating, and not necessarily in a good way, is the electric toilet. There is no plumbing under the toilet. Instead, there is a tube that comes out the back of the toilet. When you flush, some water flows into the bowl, and then WOOSH, GRINNNNNND, everything is sucked into a mechanism behind the bowl and then sucked out through the tube. Tres strange.