Epic European Cycle : 2015-09-23 : Day in Rovinj

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Sight See Rovinj $0.00
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Pension Mate & Mira Apartman Booking.com Rovinj $300.00 4 nights
Great property. Very spacious and comfortable. Washing machine in the suite. Welcome drink was very nice. Staff very nice and welcoming. Everything was good.
It's a little distance from center of town.

Trip Log

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I love exploring Stari Grads. Labin has been my favorite Stari Grad "up close" and Rovinj is my favorite Stari Grad "from a distance". So picturesque.
Instead of cycling up the coast, and back down the coast, we are probably going to cycle east across the peninsula and back to Rijeka. Since we expected to return to Pula in a couple of weeks, we didn't take a good look around while we were there (other than the coliseum), so we're feeling kind of ripped off about that. Also, I was really looking forward to taking a look at Novigrad. So, considering that we're supposed to have rain here for the next couple of days, and it won't be good for riding, we decided to book into our place for a couple of extra days, and take bus excursions to Pula and Novigrad on our rain days.