Epic European Cycle : 2015-09-15 : Lovran and Kittens

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Glamping Autocamp Medveja Medveja $315.00 3 nights; premium mobile home

Trip Log

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The weather was supposed to be nice today, with rain only in the evening and overnight, so we thought we might hike to Mt. Učka, but this morning it was pretty questionable, so we opted instead to walk to Lovran - about 3.2km back up the highway. It was a good decision. We got rained on a couple of times and the mountains were pretty socked in all day, so not a great day for a hike, but a great day to be in Lovran, and we got to meet kitties! We really enjoyed walking around Lovran's Stari Grad (old town) and walking along the oceanfront. The Lovran oceanfront is really interesting... endless layers and coves and coves and layers.
On the way into town, we got to a gated yard where a couple of seriously skinny kittens greeted us - a calico and a tabby. We were giving them pets and remarking about how thin they were when a third kitten - a black and white - showed up. I was sure it wasn't a littermate because it was twice the size of the others.

After we visited the kitties we proceeded into Lovran and I said something about stopping at the Konzum in town to buy some kitten food to feed them on our way back. It seemed pretty clear that their mother was gone and they were fending for themselves. The calico even tried to nurse on Brent's wool sweater. After spending a few hours in Lovran, and buying two packages of expensive kitten food, we headed back and called the kitties. Only the black and white showed up so finally we opened one package and fed the kitty, who was ravenous.

After the first package was done, we pondered what to do with the second package because we hadn't seen the other kitties yet. I suggested that we give the second package to the black and white kitty because there was no sense in hanging onto the food, and if the kitty ate so much that it yakked, it wouldn't be wasted anyway since kitties have no trouble eating kitty yak.

Just as the black and white was halfway through wolfing down the second package, guess who showed up but the other two kitties. We tried to pull the black and white off of the food to give the other two a chance at it, but it was very fast and aggressive and wouldn't give the other two kitties a chance to eat, so they barely got any. We felt terrible! The poor skinny kitties! Annnnd... changed our minds - we're pretty sure the black and white is a littermate... it's just really aggressive compared to the other two.

After a couple of minutes of deliberation, we decided to walk BACK into Lovran to buy more kitty food. Back we went, and bought three more packages of food.

Walking back again in the direction of the campingplatz (and the kitties), we first encountered the calico and fed her a package of food. We could see the other kitties further down the fence, but we thought we'd give her a chance to eat in peace and then go to the others. When she was nearly done, the tabby came running over and we fed him a package of food. When he was done, we lured them down the fence to where the black and white was and we fed the third package of food to the three of them. I'm pretty sure that by the time they were finished five packages of kitten food they were all full.

Yay for full kitties!