Epic European Cycle : 2015-09-11 : Day in Rijeka

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Sight See Rijeka $0.00
Sight See Trsat Fortress $0.00
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Pension Apartment Dux Booking.com Rijeka $137.00 2 nights
Fantastic Place!
This apartment was spotless, appealing, well-equipped and very conveniently located. We appreciated the strong WiFi and washing machine. Ingrid was friendly, efficient, patient and welcoming. Make sure you let her know when you're coming - there's no reception desk. It's personal check-in only.

Trip Log

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There's a lot to see and do in Rijeka. Brent and I chose to spend our morning walking on the water break pier which was disappointing. The ocean side had such high rocks built up for the water break that we couldn't see out to the sea or the islands. All we could see was back towards the city, and Rijeka is not an attractive city from the ocean side. It's pretty much a big industrial harbour. In the afternoon we climbed the 561 stairs up to Trsat Fortress, a really cool castle that sits on a hill above the city. That was NOT disappointing. The castle was beautiful, the ruin-ey bits of it were interesting, and the views from the top were breathtaking.
One thing I've been bummed about being away from home is missing Concord Grape season. Today, in the Rijeka market, we found some! Yay! I get my yearly Concord Grape fix!
When we were in Regensburg, Laura and I found this AMAZING map store. I was enthralled with the two walls full of cycle tour books and maps from all over Europe. Most of what they had covered Schengen countries, though, so I knew there wasn't much there that I should bother with. They did have a couple of things for Croatia, though - an Istria map (which shows cycle routes) and a set of three maps for the Dalmatian Coast. At that point, it wasn't certain that Brent and I would be coming to Croatia, so it was kind of premature for me to spend the money on maps that we'd have to add to the weight of what we were carrying, but I bought them anyway. Am I ever glad that I did because... the same kind of maps are NOWHERE to be found in Croatia! Every book store I've inquired in (and I've inquired in a lot), pretty much all they have is a high-level map of Croatia (practically useless for cycle touring) and detailed maps of the large cities. Big kisses to Kompass (the map company) and to Germany (for being such a cycle-crazy country) for these maps. I'm SO glad we have them!