Epic European Cycle : 2015-09-05 : Rain/rest day in Ogulin

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Bed and Breakfast Bed and Breakfast Victoria Booking.com Ogulin $420.00 7 Nights, incl breakfast

Fantastic staff! The proprietor, his wife, and their staff were all amazingly nice and helpful. We stayed for several days - we were waiting out some rain, and my husband was sick. Everyone was incredibly nice and helpful.

The room was very small, but certainly functional. We were comfortable enough.

Trip Log

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I'd been assuming that what was ailing Brent was some kind of viral thing, but after talking with him this morning it sound more like it's an upper GI blockage of some kind. We did some research to compare his symptoms, and that is what it sounds like. Maybe he's got some scar tissue from having his gallbladder removed? He wanted to wait until tomorrow to phone our health insurance to ask about procedure for going to a doctor, but I asked him to call today. Good thing because we wasted most of the day just trying to make a phone call. I have Skype on the Surface, but the speaker is so quiet that it's almost impossible to make a call with it. We have been unable to place calls with our France number for most of our trip. Brent tried it, though, and he did get through briefly but then the call was dropped and we didn't have enough credit on the SIM to try again. We walked down to the Konzum (about 1 or 2 km down the road) to buy a Croatian SIM. We spent a bunch of time trying to understand the Croatian instructions on the papers, and on their web site, so that we could add a plan or some credit to the SIM. Turned out there isn't a way with this provider (tele2) like there was with Lebarra to top up through their web site. So, back to Konzum we went to buy some credit. Brent called them and got far enough to ask them to call back since we can't place a collect call. It cost over 20kn just for that, and our credit was only 120kn to start with so if we called them back, it was unlikely we'd get all of our business done before we were out of money. They never did call back, so at the end of the day, we found as quiet of a place as possible (in the public area of the BnB, where the WiFi works) to use Skype to place the call. Tomorrow we'll actually take him in to see a doctor.