Epic European Cycle : 2015-08-28 : Day in Krapina

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Handy DAM Blog Link $0.00
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Sight See Neanderthal Museum $20.00
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Hostel Hostel Poslon Krapina $70.00 Two nights
Loved it!
This is a fantastic little hostel. It doesn't have the "youth hostel" feel that some places have. It is quiet with more of a family feel. Marija is fantastic - she really goes above and beyond for her guests.

Trip Log

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One thing that I find myself struggling with is tipping. For each country we visit, we look up what the conventions are, and try out best to follow them. It's hard for me. I seem to be extremely conditioned to leave 15%-20% regardless of convention. A lot of the time when it's time to pay the bill at a restaurant, I walk away while Brent deals with it so that I don't have to witness the tipping process a la local convention.
We visited the Neandertal museum today, which was really interesting, and had English signage, so we were able to understand the information. We weren't allowed to take photos, though, so there are none of those. After the Neandertals, we climbed the hill to the Stari Grad (old town / castle), which was a steep walk. Brent had thought that the castle had a museum in it, but it didn't, so we just had a look around and Brent went into a couple of caves.