Epic European Cycle : 2015-08-25 : Rain day in Čakovec

Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Kms To Date Total Notes Actions
Sight See Muzej Međimurja Čakovec $8.00
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Hotel Hotel Park Čakovec $540.00 Six nights, Incl breakfast

Trip Log

Notes Actions
"Rain Day" today, so we spent the day doing two things:
- Muzej Međimurja Čakovec: We spent a long time going through the Međimurja museum, which included a lot of things, including the history and royalty of the area, military history including a lot about the war in the 1990s, and the history of local harvesting technology. Considering there was very little information in English, we understood quite a lot and got a lot out of it.
- Kuna Bin Movies: Since I was sick the last few days, the TV has come on and we've discovered that Croatia (or, at least, Čakovec), has a lot of English programs with Croatian subtitles. We've found a station that plays a lot of movies, but most of them seem to come from deep down in the "Kuna Bin". Kuna is the Croatian currency, and a kuna is worth about $0.20CAD. Brent and I have decided that there's a bin of movies somewhere where the station programmers go to ask what they can get for a kuna... thus the "Kuna Bin". Some of the movies they're playing are REALLY bad.