Epic European Cycle : 2015-08-23 : Sick day in Čakovec

Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Hotel Hotel Park Čakovec $540.00 Six nights, Incl breakfast

Trip Log

Notes Actions
Taking a sick day in Čakovec. I've been fighting something off for the last couple days, and today I feel like I'm losing the battle, so I'm taking a day off. We've booked into our hotel for another two nights, so Čakovec may end up being the place we stay the longest on our whole trip. We're planning on being here for six nights. Whoa. We might just start putting down a root or something! I'm glad to have the time to rest, though... last time I was sick was when we were with Dawn and then Beth - no time for sick days then!! I pushed through it that time and it was fine... I just don't like to push through if I don't have to. I prefer to sleep through.