Epic European Cycle : 2015-08-12 : Danube Cycle Trail - Vienna

Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Kms To Date Total Notes Actions
Cycle Tulln to Wien (Vienna) $0.00 0.00 0.00 Day 53: 35km: Total 2287km
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Hostel Youth Hostel Brigittenau Walk-In (avail confirmed online first) $305.00 3 nights, includes breakfast

Trip Log

Notes Actions
Today was the last cycling day with Laura. Boo! I can't believe it's gone by so quickly. We made another early start (rolling at 5:30), and made it to Vienna by about 10AM. We're checked into our awesome hostel with our awesome check-in lady, and soon we'll head downtown to try and book our Hydrofoil trip for Friday (to get us to Budapest). Gabi has booked into our same hostel, so we should see her again too - her adventure is taking her in different directions than her original plans. We should also see Michelle soon. She is in Vienna with no tour plans tomorrow - it synchs perfectly with our rest day so we should be able to hang out with Michelle tomorrow. It's just synchronicity all over the place.
The darndest thing happened today. It is "chore day" - we need to sort out our transport to Budapest, do laundry, try to get passport photos for our France visa application, look into shipping Laura's bike back to Canada, etc, etc, etc. My biggest concern was getting the transport to Budapest squared away, so once we were settled in to our hostel, we headed downtown to the ticketing office for the Hydrofoil. When we were done there (alas, Hydrofoil-ed... or is that NOT Hydrofoil-ed), we wandered a half a block down the street in search of much-needed lunch. We were just selecting a table, when who spotted us from across the restaurant, but Gabi, who had just arrived there with her friend. I can't believe that in all of Vienna, we ended up at the same restaurant at the same time. We were planning on catching up with her at the end of the day anyway, but that was just a little spooky. Magic Gabi strikes again....??
DAMN! We've been Hydro-foiled. Or, is that NOT Hydro-foiled. A few days ago I wanted to book our Hydrofoil tickets, but their web site didn't have a place for me to include bicycles on the reservation, plus they wanted a credit card number but their page wasn't secured. So, we took our chances on booking when we showed up today, but they are fully booked. DAMN! We are stuck with the train. Icky icky icky!!