Epic European Cycle : 2015-08-07 : Danube Cycle Trail - Linz

Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Notes Actions
General Info Weather: Vienna 10 Day Forecast $0.00
General Info Weather: Austria Map $0.00
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Other Passau to Linz by boat with Wurm+Kock Wurm+Kock Passau Linz $78.00
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Hotel Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts Linz Tourist Info Center Linz $105.00

Trip Log

Notes Actions
I've discovered on this trip that the books that I brought from home aren't the best resources. The English versions of the BikeLine book/maps for the Danube trail, for example, are not updated as frequently as the German versions. It's pretty important to have the latest versions so that you have the current Campingplatz info, current bike repair shop info, and so on. I'm leaning very heavily towards picking up books/maps for whatever area I'm currently in and just sucking it up if it's in the wrong language. Up-to-date information, apparently, is more important to me than information in my own language.
Brent and I have found train travel with the bikes possible, but.... unpleasant. Laura agrees. Today we rode the boat from Passau to Linz, and it was SO EASY to just roll the bikes onto the boat and leave them sitting there. I think, as much as possible, boat will be our preferred method of transportation with the bikes.
Since we are timing out on the number of days we can spend in Schengen, Brent has suggested that, after Budapest, we head to Croatia and apply for a France visa there instead of in Vienna or Budapest. That's a great idea, since it could take us a while to get an appointment to make our in-person application. Brent is so smart!
I've never been through a lock on a boat before. Today I went through three. It was really cool and interesting... the first time. Now... meh. I'll take a ride on a Zamboni.
First day in Austria today. No border crossing. No change in language. Hmmm.