Germany 2022 : 2022-08-30 : To Altefähr, Isolation Day B3

Type Name Service Provider Origin Destination Cost Notes Actions
Train Luneburg - Altefahr Luneburg Altefahr $0.00 We used our €9 ticket to go to Altefahr
- RE 83 Direction Lubeck. Luneburg - Buchen
- RE 1 Direction Rostock. Buchen - Rostock
RE 9 Direction Sassnitz. Rostock - Altefahr
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Camp Sund Camp Altefähr $125.00 Not reserved/confirmed

Cost is for five nights

Trip Log

Notes Actions
We left Lüneburg this morning heading for the campground at Altefähr. Three trains. The first train was 23 minutes of absolute cluster. The first part of the second train was similar only not quite as bad. We were happy to make both of our connections and arrive on Insel Rügen. We were really grateful that we’re both feeling pretty good and our bodies cooperated with regards to not sneezing and coughing on the trains.

When we reached the station for Altefähr, I didn’t even realize it was a station. It looked like the middle of a field. Brent opened the train door and looked out and said he thought it was the stop. I though no freakin’ way. He was like yeah I think this is it. Looking at the progress board, Altefähr had disappeared and I realized that it was, in fact, it, and we jumped off the train into the middle of the field.

The town of Altefähr is very nice and the campground is too. We really enjoyed (and envied) all of the cycle tourists riding in and watching the zeltplatz fill up.
EV10 goes around Insel Rügen so we’re not surprised to see all of the cycle tourists rolling in. It is surprising, however, to see how many people are rolling in with children. Brent thinks maybe they live on the island, or in Stralsund, and are just giving the kinder a taste of cycle touring.