Germany 2022 : 2022-08-20 : Thyssenkrupp Turm, Crystals and Rottweil

Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Notes Actions
General Info Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit Info for Oktoberfest $0.00
Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Kms To Date Total Notes Actions
Sight See Welt Der Kristalle $0.00
Sight See Thyssenkrupp Testturm Elevator test tower $0.00
Sight See Elon Musk’s Starlink $0.00
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Couch Surf Tent in Guido or Ira's Yard $0.00

Trip Log

Notes Actions
Today Guido took us all out for a tour in the general area of Oberndorf.

We started with a visit to the Thyssenkrupp Testturm - a tower for testing elevator technology.

We then waited out a rain storm at the Welt der Kristalle.

Then we visited Rottweil, thé town where Guido, Claudia and Gertrudis grew up. We climbed the hochturm (high tower), the oldest building in Rottweil, and Guido took us into a Chinese restaurant which is the only building in town with original construction that you can see. Claudia told us all about the local Carnival, which sounds amazing. Ira had also told us about Carnival and the masks and costumes, including the very heavy bells that the people wear. Claudia has a costume and participates in the parade. She says she’s going to send us a link so we can watch it live next year.

We came back to Guido and Gertrudis’ house for afternoon coffee and then Claudia, Guido and Brent went for a little bike ride while Gertrudis filled me in on her improved plan for us to get to Marburg. We didn’t know about the terrible problems with the Stuttgart train station so we will avoid that on Monday, and I’m also going to change our trip plan for next year to also avoid flying home from Stuttgart, which is my current plan.

Later we went back to the Bochingen Biergarten Fest for dinner.

Then back to the house where I saw Elon Musk’s satellite train go by. I hollered for Brent and he got here on time to see it (and tell me what it was). We both hollered for Dietmar but he didn’t make it on time to see it.