Germany 2022 : 2022-08-16 : Lübbenau und Lehde

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Trip Log

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Today was another super special day in my life. We met Dietmar and his wife, Brigitte, yesterday, and today we spent the day with them. They took us to Lübbenau where we met Dietmar’s sister, Brigitte, and her husband, Georg.

Georg gave us a personal tour of the Spreewald canals in his boat. We stopped for lunch and then continued on to Lehde, which was on my list of the Moët beautiful places in Germany. Wow! What a special treat! We went through the Lehde museum with Dietmar and Georg.

In Lübbenau, we also met Brigitte and Georg’s children, Derk and Kerstin. Kerstin and I are almost the same age, and I have invited her to come visit in Canada. I hope she does someday!
About Lehde:

Built along narrow green-banked canals, little Lehde is one of the oldest and most charming villages of Brandenburg's Spreewald area. It's best discovered by boat – specifically on one of the region's traditional Spreewald boats. Or you could hire a kayak to make your own way along the wooden farmhouse-lined waterways, stopping to buy some of the area's famed pickles from farm shops. Glimpse what life was like in this rural community during the 19th century at the village’s captivating open-air museum.
We went to Brigitte’s son’s house for dinner tonight. He and his wife have a lovely home and three great kids. We had an awesome dinner outside and a lively conversation in German and English .