Zihuatanejo : 2020-02-15 : Beach Day - Playa La Madera

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Bed and Breakfast Villa Encantada, Dept 1 AirBnB Zihuatanejo $535.26 Host: Maria Adriana

Trip Log

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We started off the day uncertain as to what it would hold. We both felt a little "off" in the morning, and weren't sure if we should stick close to home base instead of going out. We had breakfast, and after a while decided that we felt fine and we went out for our "beach day" at Playa La Madera.

Beach day was great. We went back to home base in the afternoon for a siesta before going out to a fundraiser in the evening (a "Dance in the Street" event benefiting the Bet Shalom senior's home). Around 5PM I started feeling bad again, and instead of going to the fundraiser, I spent the evening feeling awful, and Brent spent the evening tending to me and listening to me whine about how awful I felt. I'm not sure which one of us had it worse.