Zihuatanejo : 2020-02-13 : Walk to Ixtapa

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Today we walked from Zihuatanejo to Ixtapa, in a somewhat circuitous route. We started by going to the west end of Playa Principal and out onto the point, following De La Noria out to where it dead-ends on the point. I had hoped to take a road called Ojo de Agua up to Paseo del Morro, but Ojo de Agua does not exist. We checked twice. All the map programs show but, uhhhhh... no. There's no such thing. So we retraced and then headed straight up the freakin' mountain through the steep little neighborhood, where we met the very very friendly Raymond, who was just starting his workday. We rounded Parque Estatal "El Limon" on the west side to reach the highway to Ixtapa.

When we got to the hghway (where Blvd Paseo Ixtapa meets Hwy 200, Zihuatanejo-Manzanillo), it was... well.. very highway-ey. I remembered from years ago that I had ridden a bicycle from Ixtapa to Zihautanejo on a pathway that followed the highway on the north side, but we couldn't see it, nor could we see any way to get to the north side of the highway. We opted for staying on the side of the off-ramp, and then the highway, facing traffic. In very short order we came to a "Retorno" (a fly-over off-ramp that basically just does a U-turn). On the far side we could see the path that I remembered, so we took the "Retorno" up and over to the other side, and down, and then we were able to get onto the bike path. Yay!

We followed the bike path, and then sidewalks and neighborhood streets down to the main road in Ixtapa, where we had a quick lunch. Ixtapa was pretty much how I remembered it. Very manicured and commercial... and soul-less. Where we ate was opposite the Holiday Inn Resort, which I swore used to be the Presidente hotel, where I'd stayed twice previously. After lunch, we walked across and went to have a look at the hotel, but we were stopped by the security guard who told us we couldn't just wander in all willy-nilly and riff-raff-ey, but he confirmed that is was, in fact, the former Presidente, so I was satisfied.

We hopped a combi bus back to Zihuatanejo, where we had beach beers and talked to some other tourists.