Zihuatanejo : 2020-02-10 : Cooking Class

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Other Patio Mexica Cooking Class Starts at 10AM. We are in adelita street corner up hill la madera Beach my cell is 7551167211 for any question Patio Mexica call at nigth Rufos too we share tables with next to Mayrens Galery. $70.00 500 pesos/ea
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Bed and Breakfast Villa Encantada, Dept 1 AirBnB Zihuatanejo $535.26 Host: Maria Adriana

Trip Log

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Before we came on this trip, I pre-booked ONE activity. A cooking class. I booked well in advance, so the teacher, Monica, said we could have our pick of dates. I've had some unfortunate incidents in the past with booking things for the first day after arrival when flights have gone wrong, so I didn't want to book too early in the trip, but we did want to do it fairly early in case we learned things that we'd want to copy throughout the trip, so, Monday the 10th it was.

When we arrived, our AirBnB host invited us to attend a complimentary tour of the Zihuatanejo area... on Monday the 10th, of course. I contacted Monica to see if we could reschedule the cooking class, but now she is booked solid and has no other dates available while we're here.

It is not uncommon for me to have things booked and planned for every. single. day. This time, I had only one thing booked, and it was for the same day as something awesome that came up. Dammit. I can't win!
The cooking class today was AWESOME! I highly recommend it, and definitely recommend taking the "market" variation. The cooking class was fantastic, but the trip to the market was a definite highlight for both of us.

We met at Patio Mexica, and discovered that we were part of a group of twenty - wow! Big group. We got a bit of an introduction, and then Monica and her son, Juan, took us out for a walk to the market. We had a couple of stops enroute to the farmer's market where we learned about some ingredients and spices, and tasted some stuff. Then, on to the farmer's market, which was a real treat for Brent and me. We'd wandered around the municipal market already on our own, but we didn't know the farmer's market existed. It was fascinating.

After the market, we returned to Patio Mexica where we ground up some ingredients for the salsa, and then watched and listened while Monica prepared the three main dishes. We got little books that included some recipes, but not the recipes for what we made today. That was a little disappointing, but, apparently, they have to adjust recipes depending on what ingredients are available at the time. The three main dishes were a bean thing, a corn thing and a cactus thing. Hopefully Brent can recreate them (somewhat) at home.

It was a fun and friendly group, and Monica and her assistants (her son, Juan, and another fellow... perhaps another son?) were fantastic. Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and professional.

Of course we got to eat the spoils at the end of the class. It was delicious.