Zihuatanejo : 2020-02-08 : Walk to Playa Las Gatas

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Bed and Breakfast Villa Encantada, Dept 1 AirBnB Zihuatanejo $535.26 Host: Maria Adriana

Trip Log

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Today we walked from Zihuatanejo to Playa Las Gatos.

We followed the malecon from town to the end of Playa La Madera, and I hoped it would go all the way, but it ended there. So, we had to take the road up and over the headland to Playa Ropa.

From Playa Ropa we were able to follow a rough but well-traveled path over a rocky bit to get to Las Gatas.

We had lunch and beers at Restaurant Otilia with our favorite waiter, Franco. T

hen, we walked back, retracing our steps from Las Gatas to Playa Ropa, but then taking the road from there.

Brent bought me a baked banana with La Lechera and ice cream for a snack. Yum!