Zihuatanejo : 2020-02-17 : Fly Home

Type Name Service Provider Origin Destination Cost Notes Actions
Flight Edmonton via Calgary WestJet $0.00 15:45 ZIH -> YYC
23:00 YYC -> YEG

Trip Log

Notes Actions
Musing for future tropical vacations: It seems to take Brent and me about a week to acclimatize to the heat. We hit some pretty hard heat walls on our first afternoons here, and then got in the habit of taking an afternoon siesta for a few days. After about a week, we've been fine. It's still hot, but it's not kicking our asses quite as bad.
We had both forgotten what departures at Zihuatanejo were like, and I was hoping they wouldn't be wretched, like at Barbados. Arrivals when we got here were pretty chaotic, but I remembered looking at the people waiting in departures, and it looked spacious, and maybe even air conditioned.

We ran into our new friend, Carren, over lunch before going to the airport, and she said that departures were nice, and air-conditioned. She was right. When we got there, everything went very smoothly, and departures were, indeed, spacious, and definitely air conditioned. Nothing Barbados-ey about it!