Zihuatanejo : 2020-02-06 : Fly to Zihuatanejo

Type Name Service Provider Origin Destination Cost Notes Actions
Flight To Zihuatanejo via Calgary WestJet Edmonton Zihuatanejo $1500.00 6:30AM WS 238 YEG -> YYC
9:30AM WS 2382 YYC - ZIH
With my fancy-pants WestJet mastercard, taking advantage of accumulated WJ Dollars and a companion voucher for Brent, this is the total cost for both of us, round trip, including checked bags.
Vehicle Airport to Zihuatanejo - Tips from Trip Advisor $0.00 You used to be able to walk off the airport and catch a taxi, but you can't anymore.

Now, you can walk off and take the combis. Which are not *Airport* buses, but rather designed to serve the folks who live in the small towns around the airport...or perhaps work at the airport. Theyre cheap and plentiful. Just know its a long hot crowded ride into Z, with lots of stops. At which point you'd be transferring into a city cab (or walking, Bungalows Madera is "walkable-ish" from the combi stop in town.

The combi stop is across the street from Andys

If you're new to Z, or have limited vacation time. Drop the 30 bucks US and take the airport taxi. 30 minutes after you step out the door of the airport, you'll be stepping onto Madera, cold beer in hand. You've just spent a couple of grand on this vacation, whats 30 bucks?

Really, take the airport taxi
Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Notes Actions
Storage Airport Parking Airways Airport Parking $76.95 No reservation needed, but come in 30 minutes before we want to be at the airport. I told her we don't need a plug-in (because I'm optimistic that way)
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Bed and Breakfast Villa Encantada, Dept 1 AirBnB Zihuatanejo $535.26 Host: Maria Adriana

Trip Log

Notes Actions
We left home at 3:30AM and left Nemo at Airways Airport Parking. Before our flight left Edmonton, we ran into Nancy Nancy at the airport - she was on her way to Cancun. Flights were uneventful and we arrived in Zihuatenajo an hour early.

Neither of us could remember exactly what the Zihuatenajo airport was like, and when we got inside, I knew why. We had blocked it out. The line to go through Immigration was really long, with several flights full of tourists all arriving at once, but the immigration folks were really efficient and we were through relatively quickly. Then came the luggage collection and Customs. With so many people all arriving at once, the luggage area was pandemonium. There isn't separate carousels for different flights - just one long windy conveyor belt. The room was jammed with people and luggage, and although they had a roped back-and-forth lineup area, the line for customs was so long that it back-and-forthed three more times beyond the rope. Anyway, again things were processed fairly quickly and soon we were in a taxi on our way to or AirBnB.

The street that our AirBnB is on is very small and the taxi driver wasn't familiar with it, so we had to use my "Roam like Home" plan and use Google Maps to find it. Arriving in Zihuatenajo an hour early, then having to wade through the airport pandemonium pretty much canceled each other out and we arrived at our AirBnB only 15 minutes earlier than I had told our host.

The AirBnB is nice, and basic (which is fine with us). There are several suites. The host lives on-site, which is great. We met two of the long-term guests: Randy and Ray, who are both very friendly and helpful. There's a really lovely little common area on the second floor (which is where our unit is), and a funny little "pool room" on the ground level with a little plastic pool that we can cool off in if we want.

After checking in, we walked about fifteen minutes along the canal to the MEGA where we picked up some provisions for breakfast, some random snacks and a six-pack of beer.

Later on, we walked the opposite direction and crossed the canal to the tourist district on the other side of the canal. Ray had told us where to find "restaurant row", so we went in search of dinner. The first place we saw was jam packed with old white tourists - perhaps a cruise ship had just docked? - and had the most obnoxious karaoke-quality smarmy music playing. We kept walking. We passed a few more restaurants that looked more promising, but nothing that moved us. Finally we found El Rincón del Bombero, which is themed around the local paramedics, who actually stopped in a couple of times while we were there. We had a lovely (albeit very very rich) dinner on their outdoor dining room.