Loire a Velo with Friends : 2019-07-01 : Leave France Boo Hoo Two

Type Name Service Provider Origin Destination Cost Notes Actions
Flight Fly Home WestJet Paris Edmonton / Calgary $0.00 WS 9: CDG to YYC, 14:20 (Ann, Brent, Rhonda)
WS 155: YYC to YEG, 21:00 (Brent, Rhonda)

Trip Log

Notes Actions
The moment of truth today - how would we make out with the Wiggle bags for our bikes? But first...

We had a very leisurely morning at the hotel today since our flight didn’t leave ‘til 2:20pm. At 10:00 we started moving out, starting with bringing the three bikes down to the lobby. We took the bikes over to Terminal 1 and left them there with Ann to guard. Brent and I went back to the hotel and used a cart to bring their stuff boxes and my stuff... bundle to the terminal.

We then commenced with preparing the bikes to go into the bags, turning the handlebars, adding some bubble wrap around the dérailleurs, etc. A WestJet agent approached us right away and insisted that we had to have boxes for the bikes. We insisted that their web site says bags are ok. He left to find a supervisor. We kept preparing the bikes. He returned and said the supervisor confirmed that we had to have boxes. Again I countered that the web site states otherwise but he was insistent and told us we had to get boxes from Air France upstairs. Brent went to look for Air France, but it turned out they’re actually in a different terminal. Then the supervisor showed up and confirmed that the bags were fine. WHEW! Crisis averted! We finished prepping the bikes and put them into the bags, and on our way we went.

All we can do now is hope that the bikes arrive safely in Edmonton. Geoff has his bike in a box and Tristan, the French traveler on his way to Calgary to cycle the Great Divide Trail has his in a self-constructed styrofoam, bubble-wrap and tape construct. We’ll see on the far end how everyone made out.
Happy Canada Day! We woke up in Paris and flew home to Canada, making for a 32-hour Canada Day! Woo hoo!