Loire a Velo with Friends : 2019-06-28 : Prep Day

Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Notes Actions
General Info Source Bike Boxes: Air France $0.00 Laura says Air France has boxes but will not guarantee them as it is first come first serve.
General Info Source Bike Boxes: Reparateur de Bicyclettes $0.00 Second choice after Air France. Not sure they still sell boxes.
General Info Source Bike and Packing Boxes: Cartonland $0.00 Cartonland looks to sell bike boxes, and is somewhat accessible via RER B (not super accessible). We'd need the 60 pouces (1650x340x850) box. Note oversize and overweight guidelines for WestJet:
- 45kg constitutes overweight
- 115" total dimensions constitutes oversize

Get boxes from Cartonland ONLY if we need bike boxes from them. Otherwise the other options are more convenient.
General Info Source Packing Boxes: Media Boxes $0.00
General Info Source Packing Boxes: Flexi Stockage $0.00
Reminder Packing Materials Get the packing materials $0.00 Need:
- Moving boxes for non-bike stuff
- Bike boxes (hopefully not)
- Packing tape
- Sharpie
- Bubble wrap
- Padding for pokey bits. Laura says: I'd recommend padding for the derailleur - foam or something else, maybe bubble wrap, although the "pokey parts" of the derailleur might deflate the bubble wrap and negate the padding effect; you might want to take the chain off the cogs so it's got some slack (and possibly bring a spare chain), and also recommend pipe insulation for separating the handlebar from the main frame before taping them together to reduce scratches/fix the handlebar securely. I think the pedals can go in carry on? I am going to bring some padding for the crank as well probably.
Reminder Westjet Bike Info How to pack the bikes. $0.00 WestJet web site says:

WestJet may refuse carriage of improperly packaged bicycles.

A bicycle must be packed flat in a bicycle bag or box.

Before flying with your bike, please:
- Remove pedals (Jorg says cranks too).
- Partially deflate your tires.
- Fix handlebars sideways.
- Pack the bicycle in a box or bag to protect your bike and prevent leakage from bicycles containing hydraulic fluid.
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Hotel ibis Styles Paris CDG Booking.com Paris CDG $765.00 Price is for four people (4-adult suite) for three nights.

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