Loire a Velo with Friends : 2019-06-01 : Head to France

Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Notes Actions
General Info Get to the airport - RnB We'll use Jumbo and pack at the airport. $0.00 NOTE that Tannis says she'll drive us to the airport. Confirm with her a few days ahead and cancel parking reservation if that's going to work out.

1) Throw the bike rack on Jumbo
2) Throw the bikes on the bike rack
3) Throw the bike bags, bike boxes and packed boxes of gear into Jumbo
4) Drive to YEG
5) Brent drops Rhonda and all the stuff off at the airport, then leaves Jumbo in long-term parking
6) Brent returns to airport and we pack the bikes into the bags
7) We check in with our bagged bikes, and boxed gear
8) If WestJet says !!!NO!!! to the bags, we swap the bikes into the boxes. If they say yes, we dispose of the boxes

NOTE from Joerg re: packing the bikes into the bags:
Yes, that’s the clear tape you can get cheap at Dollarama. It holds very well, but you will be able to remove it without ripping the plastic. I also used some shrink wraparound the middle to make it more compact, but that was probably too much. Just shove the bike in after “partially deflating the tires, taking off the pedals and setting the handlebars in line with the frame, and you’re good.
Type Name Service Provider Origin Destination Cost Notes Actions
Flight Laura Flight Details Air Transat Vancouver YVR Paris CDG $0.00 TS 408, arriving CDG Sun, 02 Jun 2019, 08:50
Flight Ann Flight Details WestJet Calgary YYC Paris CDG $0.00 WS 80, YYC->YHZ->CDG arriving June 2, 10AM
Flight Brent & Rhonda Flight Details WestJet Edmonton YEG Paris CDG $1637.56 Cost is for two people, round trip
WJ 316 YEG -> YHZ at 8AM. WJ 80 YHZ -> CDG at 10:55PM, arr CDG 10AM
Per customer service rep Monica on 2019-01-11, you do not have to call WestJet ahead of time to reserve for the bicycles.
Flight Geoff & Lynn Travel Details Calgary YYC Paris CDG $0.00 Geoff & Lynn are actually leaving Calgary on Friday May 31.
Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Notes Actions
Storage Long-Term Airport Parking 2120 Sparrow Dr Nisku, AB Airways Parking $95.00 Monthly fee: $95 (includes GST). https://airwaysairportparking.ca/pricing/

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