Puerto Vallarta 2019 : 2019-02-16 : Quiet Day in PV

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Pension Penthouse Ocean View Air BnB Puerto Vallarta $542.48 Cost for two people, nine nights.

Trip Log

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Our last day of vacation, but at least it's "only" going to be -17 when we get home tomorrow. We are enjoying a relaxing day today. We went down to the water first thing where I fed our left-over bread to the pigeons, and Brent tried to spot whales. There were no whales to be spotted, but lots of pigeons to be fed. Then we had breakfast on the beach... boy was THAT nice. Then we went for a walk and Brent bought some vanilla for his boss who asked him for some. Later today we'll get some tacos from the taco lady who lives on our street and runs a little taco kiosk out of her house on weekends.
I bought my Windows Surface 2 (not even Pro) in 2015, before Brent and I went on our six-month cycle tour. It has Windows RT as an operating system, which is terrible. The Surface itself, though, has been a real trooper. In 2015 it lived through all the bumping and jarring, moisture, heat, cold... everything that we encountered on that trip. I didn't really expect it to survive, but I hoped it would at least make it to the end of July so that I could use it to do my fiscal year-end accounting (for my business) that year. Not only did it do that, but it lived through the whole trip, and has come on every vacation since as my travel internet tablet. I've thought about replacing it, but I'm a little bit cheap, and a whole lot stubborn, and I've thought it would sure be cool to see just how many trips I can push it through before it simply doesn't work anymore. I have been thinking that this would be its last trip, because the browser has been crashing a lot, and has refused to upload more than three photos at a time to Facebook. I tried everything I could to clear off some files from the machine, thinking that maybe it's a memory issue (the machine was definitely low on disc space), but no matter how much I cleared off, I couldn't free up more than 5GB (with no photos on it). Today, after making sure my backup photos were safely uploaded to OneDrive, I decided to reset the machine back to factory, and possibly just leave it behind here in Mexico and then I'd replace it when I get home. But... lo... resetting the machine cleared up 18GB of space, and now the browser is performing faster and is not crashing constantly. It even uploaded 12 photos to FB at once.

So, now I'm back to full-on stubbornness. Can this machine get me through our upcoming tour to France? I'm a thinkin' so...