Bequia with Friends : 2018-02-12 : Kingstown - Pay Corea for La Soufriere

Type Name Description Service Provider Cost Notes Actions
To Do Pay Coreas for La Soufriere Pay Corea's for La Soufriere. $55/USD/ea. Coreas Tours $0.00 Corea's is on Bay Street in Kingstown, in between Higgenson and Melville (behind the downtown bus terminal). Look for ACE Hardware. Opposite ACE, upstairs. Stone building. Corea's "head office".
To Do Dry run up to Georgetown Brent and Rhonda should practice taking a van up to Georgetown and look for the meeting place for La Soufriere $0.00
Type Name Service Provider Confirmation Location Cost Notes Actions
Pension Bella Vista AirBnB $1164.20 Cost is for five people, four nights

Trip Log

Notes Actions
We took the dollar van (or three-dollar van, as the case may be) into Kingstown today. We poked around and took care of some chores - paying for our guided hike, getting money, getting hike snacks for tomorrow. Had lunch and beers. Then took the three-dollar van back to where we're staying (which is in the Prospect area). Tomorrow - La Soufriere!